Dogs captured twitter – talk about a new meme in the eSports community

On December 27th, e-sports organizations and industry representatives filled Twitter with pictures of dogs in hats. Many clubs put such images on the covers of their profiles, as well as create their own photojacks and post them on a social network. talks about a new meme.

Pictures with dogs in hats, on which team logos are placed using graphic editors, are usually accompanied by the #dogwifhatgang tag. In addition, some add to the publication the inscription W, which, apparently, is an abbreviation for woof (from the English “woof”). Despite the fact that nobody can really explain the origin and meaning of the photo-toad, the meme gained quite a lot of popularity. He even appeared own Twitter account with 3.7 thousand subscribers, and one of the users wanted to create an eSports organization of the same name.

Some reddit users considerthat the first picture with a dog in a hat was posted by a player in Fortnite Issa Issa Raheem. After this idea was picked up by Logan Spoodah Pitman, a former member of the Applesauce’s Rocket League squad, and other cybersportsmen and roster owners for the game from Psyonix began to spread the meme behind it.

Later, the meme picked up even more eSports organizations. #Dogwifhatgang joined the publication of pictures Team secret, Alliance, Ninjas in pajamas, Lgd gaming and other clubs. Some even tried to stand out from the crowd and made non-standard photo-toads.

Organizations, studios and industry representatives from the CIS also did not stand by. New profile pictures uploaded, Natus vincere, Team empire, WePlay !, Maincast, StarLadder, Vitaly v1lat Volochay other.

Lead Studio Maincast Ivan Faker Dyomkin decided that photoshop is not needed when you can dress up your dog. And the Moscow football club “Spartak” just wanted to be “in the know”, although it does not understand what is happening.