“Do you believe in ghosts?”: The final trailer of the movie “Last Night in Soho” has been released


After the shift in the premiere due to the pandemic, mystical thriller “Last night in Soho“from the director Edgar Wright (“Baby on a drive“,”Scott Pilgrim vs. All“) is coming soon, namely the 3rd of Novemberwill get to Russian screens. In the meantime, the filmmakers are offering a look at the final trailer for a better understanding of the plot.

Recall that the plot of the picture tells about the novice fashion designer Elois, played by Thomasin Mackenzie (“Rabbit Jojo“), Who moves to the famous London area with dreams of creating dresses in the style of her adored 60s.

One night, Elois is mysteriously transported into the past of the Soho district, where he finds himself in the body of her idol, the singer Sandy performed by Anya Taylor-Joy (“Queen’s move“), which is killed. As a result, the girl becomes a witness to a murder from the past, and she has to try to solve the crime after more than half a century. Judging by the trailer, a guy named Jack, played by Matt Smith (“Doctor Who“).

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