Some rats will not listen to reason. Here for example, I recently met one of the stairs, and she asked me about the danger posed by these zombie creatures crucified nearby. I said that they are very dangerous. But rodent somehow decided that I want to deceive him, so he ran past them and turned into a small steaming carcass. Oh you! I told you! I always thought that the opportunity to talk with the animals would have opened the door to the Hall of Wisdom, but if the Original Sin 2 teaches us anything, it’s the fact that animals are the same fools, just like people.

It is for this I love a new adventure Larian Studios. This is one of the most charming RPG in recent years. Especially if you love the old isometric Baldur’s Gate, which defined the genre in the ’90s. But the imitation of the classics is not an end in itself for the Original Sin 2, as well as similar (and also excellent) Pillars of Eternity from Obsidian. Divinity – fine work that is different splendor in every aspect: in the decision-making freedom in pleasant small battles or situations like the one conversation with a rat that makes this world and fantastic, and believable.

Do not think, however, that the whole game is dedicated to conversations with rodents. It is a real Great Adventure in a high fantasy world that is more inclined not to Tolkien and gray tones popular universes like Dragon Age and Game of Thrones. Original Sin 2 speaks on the topics of discrimination and marginalization, which are revealed by the situation surrounding the so-called wizards of the Source, which cling special collars to protect others from their unique skills. Beginners do not have to worry about the fact that they are not up to date Original Sin 2014 issue, because these stories share a few centuries.

By itself, the plot is very successfully combines serious themes and funny moments, what was missing the last game. The script is well written, and all the descriptions of the narrator and the characters replica fully voiced. Equally high quality turned and side quests, which differ not only the level of the texts, but also the way they are served. Original Sin 2 encourages an interesting experiment and the search in the most unexpected places, which specifies no marker on the map. Say, the ghost knight with a spear pinned to the wall, you can stumble during a game of hide and seek with small children.

Not be amiss to note that the Original Sin 2 graphically is not inferior to any other isometric game. Each frame is indicative of the fact that the developers have paid great attention to detail and thoughtful layout, whether it is lush vegetation on the beach or animation ice dragon, Thanks for the removal from his chains. Divinity in general is very elegant, for example, how the situation or NPC tell a story. Talking with passers-by can lead to sad monologues that do not have nothing to do with the main plot, but still captivate. Animals often tell about the events from his point of view, if you, of course, have the appropriate skill that allows you to talk to them.

Original Sin 2 stands out from other RPG that her well-written stories exist in the living world with an impressive level of freedom and flexibility. Here you can not only chat and fight. If you want to bypass a puzzle or intractable character, you can cast a spell of teleportation.

You play as a character who has a force that can change the world, but the feeling that the world was created only in order to cater to your whims, no. Sometimes, for example, important for a large side quest character can die in a conventional fight, if you procrastinate too. And how would all change if he were still alive? You do not know until the next passage. Or loading a save.