Of course, the war has not gone to their advantage. He knows where the disappeared, and she, having seen enough of tin like burning people alive or Planting them on stakes, thoroughly corrupted in mind.

Despite the fact that before described in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice event not really get along with his head.

This is why the journey of the heroine in search Dillion served as a descent into the underworld, or in the Scandinavian style, the world of the dead Helheim. Her haunted chilling hallucinations, voices and ghosts, but all hay is determined to go for the sake of love until the last lap of hell. Free, whether that is a sword on his belt?

Before us is not the stage of the so-called euphoria supported substance, but an attempt to reconstruct the epic Picts. Launched its authors Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry from the company the Ninja Theory . The fact that a Pictish mythology do not know anything at all. And even with their language problem – not having its own script, they used ogamicheskuyu borrowed from the Irish.

That, in turn, has created difficulties of translation (sorry for the pun). That is a question not only of fairy tales, which Pictish grandmother read the kids for the night, but the words of the most fairy tales. In short, a white sheet – create whatever you want. And employees Ninja Theory used the opportunity to the fullest.

As a basis they took a popular leitmotif – the journey to the afterlife. Such a voyage undertaken Osiris from the Egyptians, the Greeks Heracles – why not send to the same young lady in war paint? Her myth is based on a constant ratio with the Scandinavian legends – they are given a teaspoon of reading the runes on the menhirs, boards and planks.

And in this alien and frightening darkness she sees something related only to her and no one else. Here the game is intersected with the film Nikolasa Refna (Nicolas Refn) «Valhalla”, which the developers did not hesitate to quote the frame to frame.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Stopping near the runes, you can hear a brief retelling of the “Elder Edda.”

The horror going on in Hellblade , – personal reality heroine caused by schizophrenia. The girl just seems that it wanders around Scandinavian hell, demons and gods cast down to the rhythm created by the writers Ninja Theory epic. After all, the only way it makes sense pain, her love is stronger than death, and it turns into a war in battle with the universal evil.

Of course, the authors of the plan can be taken out of the brackets and start from what is stylish graphics and chasing herds of ants on the head sound. But by God: the idea behind Hellblade , is worthy of mention in the first place – so it is good.

Voices in my head

Hence – the first conclusion to be drawn about the game: it is not for everyone. This is a decent distance journey Seine looks slasher with puzzles. Girl wandering among scenery in which it is impossible to get lost, in some way breaks the gate and in between solving puzzles fights with enemies. Like anything supernatural. But it is necessary to plunge into Senua’s Sacrifice to the head, as you immediately thrown out of the comfort zone.

The authors have not just addressed to the theme of madness and attracted to the production of experts on psychosis.

They turned the symptoms of mental disorders in the game mechanics. How schizophrenic gives meaning to ordinary objects around him, and the Seine looking for the keys to the doors in random ways.

This can be broken timber, a shadow on the floor, a hole or a spot of light on the wall, which outlines resemble the rune seal the flap. Many insanity and lies in arches, which makes passage through a pair of cosmetic changes in location. Here opened hitherto unseen break, but the gulf beam spread – and you can play again.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Look at the image of the key should be at a right angle – people with weak associative imagination any difficulty.

Same with the life-size masks, which allow jumping from one dimension to another. For example, in this reality, the tip of the tower is destroyed, and the fence around it fractured, but in a parallel world, the building stands intact, if built yesterday.

It is not hard to guess the puzzle Hellblade spatial related to paving the way and finding the right images. So beat Chernobog chess is not required. These tasks can not be called very interesting, but what they got mad at the same time, and interesting – it’s a fact.

Even in hell there is no hint. Instead, the Seine listens to the voices in my head: when necessary, recommends shopotok focus, or to turn back, say, bounce from enemy attacks from behind. That helps a lot in fights because they are like a puzzle, not of this world.