I really like the universe Dishonored, so I sincerely rejoiced the announcement of an independent complement Death of the Outsider. Dishonored 2 was good, but the ultimate goal and Emily Corvo was virtually copied from the original game. But killing the Alien – it is quite another matter! That’s what I understand – a problem. A status of “full game” gave hope that the new Dishonored is not very large, but well developed work. As an example, the recent of Uncharted . Like it or not, but before the show treated only simple DLC.

Alas, but my dreams are shattered against the harsh truth of life. “Billy, you have to kill the Alien!” I … How … But … And, by the way, well, kill. Mental anguish Billy seem sucked from the finger, as well as the wrath of the killer, who is accused of their own sins, in fact, the manufacturer of your superpowers. Lord! But how can that be? It’s Alien, chief asshole (asshole right?) The series – you can not just get it from the safe knife and stick it in the mighty God. According to the logic of things – not. The Death of the Outsider – possible.

In this story it is difficult to dive with a head, because it turned out some crumpled and uneven, leaning on DLC events of the first part, in which many, I think, do not play at all. Yes, even if they were playing – unless it is an occasion in such a hurry to clean up from the chessboard Dishonored one of the main figures of the entire universe like that – simple? Alien, its history and its deserved end of a truly full-fledged game, but not modest DLC, issued at a substantial addon.

More stories disappointing levels. Dishonored 2 in the first place stand out is really original and memorable situations: mechanical mansion, jumping from one time to another, etc. The Death of the Outsider’s nothing like it. There are five missions, and none of them have nothing surprised and not impressed. First just very short. The second and third partially unfold in the same area. The fourth well is copied from Dishonored step 2, which was cut and markedly simplified. Only one-fifth claim in a way unusual, and even that is quite straightforward and frankly boring.

And it has no contracts: optional orders for which Billy after mission completion paid good bonuses. Grace these jobs is not enough, because it all comes down to a banal “kill, so no one noticed” or “steal, but do not catch the eye” or “Bring here this type here in this place.” There are also the usual “pobochki”, which can be found, if properly scour the neighborhood, but among them, too, I have not come across anything worthwhile.



Generally speaking, the game is something to be not particularly small, for a full study of Death of the Outsider took me about 9 hours which is not bad for a supplement. On the other hand, it can be run two times faster – I would have missed the optional content, but (as I now understand) nothing would be lost by this. By the way, now we are not forced to the secretive passage threatening consequences for the world: Billy can kill even the entire population of the next quarter, and nothing wrong with it for it no one will do.

I admit, I was pleased, because that Dishonored has never been solely a stealth action game. Pray: why create stealth with such a huge selection of lethal tricks, and then essentially prohibit using them, threatening a bad ending? In this Dishonored isolation is determined by your decision in the final game, so I sometimes allowed Billy to shoot from the heart of the sectarians and other warriors who are not fortunate to stand in her way.