Dishonored 2

Because its levels are everything. It is an architectural exercise so powerful that a simple map seen from above is not able to appreciate its depth.


 In the most inspired moments, you often get surprised crossing the levels with the feeling that, even having collected all the runes and talismans, you have only scratched the surface. That balcony and that open window that you did not enter, that rat tunnel that you saw too late, that hole that hid another completely alternative route …


These are things that you will discover in the future, if you are one of those who play videogames more than once . And there lies the magic of a work that is enjoyed in its first game, but that is understood by revisiting it. A video game that is difficult to comprehend in its entirety; no need to have the open world more extensive or last more than a hundred hours.


Because you have to be very good at stealth. This is so. It is a mechanics so slow and calm that only gives pleasure through patience and opportunities taken advantage of. And Dishonored understands this concept as if he had invented it. It not only provides tools to go beyond the cone of vision and the stealth of lights, but bases its entire structure on the everlast


ing mechanics of the F5-F9: the classic fast saved PC. And so much so, that now you have it also in the console game menu. Because when you approach things stealthily, the only result you seek is the perfection of your actions; any mistake, alarm, body discovered … In short, any error is recoverable with the greatest supernatural power you have in the game: the ability to charge your game instantly.



The Power of Emptiness

Dishonored 2 , like the original, is strictly based on this philosophy, but this time the powers have been retouched to create a more challenging an

d satisfying experience. The excuse is to be able to choose Corvo and its classic powers or Emily and the new ones, but we see in this election a way to retouch and outline the game without completely abandoning the already known, which has finally achie
ved that we enjoy Dishonored 2 maybe not as something completely new, but with enough differentiation that we did not see in the first hours.


Dishonored 2 analysis

The design of levels is once again one of the strongest points of the game. Wide and full of possibilities.

If you remember in our First Assessmentarticle , I had my doubts about what Dishonored 2 was contributing that was not already in the first game. And among other things, I commented that playing non-lethal was far less fun than playing with full


freedom of ethics and movement. Many of you agreed on the comments. The truth is that I think Arkane is also, and that’s why he has created this new range of powers with Emily, who tries to give her that spectacularity that was missing in the stealth and non-lethal modes.


Dishonored 2 PC

Thanks to Karnaca the true stealth lies in the height

Choosing Emily instead of Corvo, we have the Great Reach instead of the Wink , and this subtle difference makes the navigation more

cautious (we do not teleport and the enemies can see us), but also much more spectacular. You can use Great Reach not only to “move” but as a huge pole to give the most impressive jumps you ever gave with Corvo, while its latest improvement allows us to attract the enemies themselves to kill or stun them.


This is the key: the improvements. Do you want more spectacular? Acquire Shadow Pass and upgrade it to become a shadow able to pass unnoticed, move stealthily, quickly and kill or stun enemies as well. No more grabbing from behind or at most falling from the top to end enemies in non-lethal mode. Do you want more? Use your runes to unlock Do


minoes : connect several enemies and what happens to one will happen to the rest. Or unlock Hypnosis , a more challenging way than stopping time directly as Corvo, invoking an entity of Void that captivates enemies leaving them vulnerable.