Digital Bros Game Jam

Study, theory, without practice often turn out to be fine for ourselves: we learned a lot about it all in our school and university courses, when after hours on the books we were unable to apply in everyday life what came theorized in the texts. For this reas


on it is essential to foresee, in your own path of study, a point of time to put into practice what we have been taught: the Digital Bros Game Academy


, the Italian excellence for preparing for work in the video game world, was well thought out of organizing a Game Jam that would allow their students to put into practice what was theoretical during the year. We are therefore going to personally assist in what happens during these activities, which always have a craftsmanlike charm. What is a Game Jam The Game Jam of the Digital Bros Game Academy


For those who do not know it, Game Jam is a gathering time for anyone interested in making a video game and who, after assigning an internationally-rated theme, allows all participants to create their own product in the arc of 72 hours.


There are no constraints or restrictions, except to stay in the same place for the duration of Jam, making real camping life inside the institution where the event takes shape. In recent years, there have been many iterations of Game Jam, supported and launched by various international publishers: last year’s Gamescom, for example, has held the Innogames desk, which brought together artists, programmers, sound designers and game designers in the same room challenging them to make a video game.


The same philosophy, clearly, has been applied toDigital Bros Game Academy , where there was no constraint based on staying within the academy, which however postponed the closure time of its offices in via Labus, Milan, until the age of 23. The theme, which was the driving element of the event, was “living in doubt”, and the time available was 48 hours, with the purpose of delivering a small, fully functional, finished game, and interesting to play. Living in doubt

Digital Bros Game Jam

The students were then divided into seven different groups, created in such a way as to propose the right amalgam between programmers, called to be productive and problem-solving, artist & animator, to whom church was the realization of asset2D or 3D , and designers, who needed to ensure legibility of the game level and information while ensuring the quality of the content being proposed. Supporting each other, students at the


Digital Bros Game Academyhave been able to deny the proposed theme in different ways, marrying different theories on doubt, which can also lead to a football referee simulator, called weekly to resolve doubts about what are the vicissitudes of football in less than a second. After the opening of the works, on 9 of February 7, the closing was ordered for the same time of 9, two days later, with the


jury summoned the same morning. So, in the eyes of the partner’s developers of the Digital Bros Game Academyand members of the same academy, in the afternoon of February 9th also came the name of the winner. The Game Jam, we specify, di


d not put anything into play: there was no promise of publishing the game or any other kind of success on a large scale, but it is unquestionable to get to the completion of a finished product, appreciated by the jury of experts, winning group an awareness of their own means and a further push towards continuing their studies.