The combat system in the Dex – punishment and torture if nothing obeys the player. Here’s a close fight: weak strikes, dodging uncomfortable. Receiving a slap in the face to the enemy, nothing prevents to dump the heroine to land a kick in the stomach in the middle of the combination – and the unit is put.

Heroine herself with every stroke shifts slightly forward, sooner or later, her fists start to fly off target. While razvernoshsya, again, you get to the head. Painfully.

If the enemies will be two or three – well, you cry. What else is left? Treatment is expensive here, especially at the beginning.

Here shooting: with awkward aiming, no power of the shot. And, most importantly, the cost of off-scale munitions: 120 dollars per cartridge when the average earnings for the side quest in the beginning of the game – $ 300? It might work well if you would act the principle of “one shot – one kill.”

But then four or five shots in a bad head off demands even deadbeat in a vest-alcoholic, so that is not an option. Yes, some in the second half of the money will start to burst pockets – but if the player has crawled up to this point, then, learned to survive without firearms (something like dear reader in their own residential area).

It turns out that at the stage of love of Dex «fall off” is not less than a third of potential players, retaining only the strongest and the most hardcore of fans hungry cyberpunk (last delay, at least, a great number of references to the respective culture). And just before the game begins to unfold them, riotous color bloom two components: one – in a natural way, and the other – some perverted.

Natural – it’s about side quests: it turns out that different tasks in the Dex, almost real RPG level. There are different ways to perform (not yet 100% “Entice, steal or kill,” but close enough): you can attack head-on, you can go “Stealth”, you can try to negotiate with the right people.

Is there no winning back the role: a special influence on the subject, he will not (hello, colored endings of you-know-where), and the script is not much above the level of the main storyline. But for the very opportunity to be cynical, bad boy, and deliver / sell almost everyone he met – thanks.

Perverted the same way – it’s about the cursed above the combat system. No, better it becomes, and deal with it will only pumping. Moreover, of the four options for character development of the three will be useless: melee remains even curve with additional techniques and damage, shooting also remains a curve because it curve in principle, and the grown lineup health and life is not much easier. It remains to hacking.

Hacking here – a mini-game that is less reminiscent of the process of hacking: a sort of simplified version of the game in the genre of twin-stick shooter. A kind of a ship manage (exploit), literally shoot viruses, firewalls and other security elements.

Periodically have to hack the whole system in order to steal data – then the card turns into a maze. The second version of hacking – hacking in real time: the video cameras (not to raise the alarm), guns (not to attack us, and enemies), the electronic implant in the minds of opponents (in order to stun them a few seconds).

This option makes the game passable instead of torment with fights, we “turn off” the opponent and quietly suffocate him. Or – if you can not stifle – we beat stunned, then again beaten path, we beat again. Until the fall.

Surprisingly, the process of “overcoming unfair complexity” is the most interesting part of the game. While you’re shallow and weak, barriers stand in front of you donebesnoy granite boulders. It is necessary to disassemble a piece: go to one edge of the map, to find a detachment of bandits.

Sneak up on them alone and roll neck, fleece pockets. Get away from the crowds, otyazhelev of lead stuck in his buttocks.

To use a first aid kit and sell the loot to buy the implant, allowing breathing in polluted areas. Escape to the other edge of the card to enter the abandoned himfabriku, pull off a couple of bottles of hazardous chemicals, to push on the black market. Buy implant magnifies the attack. Go back to the rogues and finish off the survivors of the previous flight.

Progress is felt literally every point of pumping, each implant, each new build of the suit helpless heroine Dex goddess from the machine (D / eus / Ex – who have not guessed). And, in conjunction with the exciting side quests for several hours game it is able to give a clean, untroubled happiness.