Devil May Cry 3 – Capcom Unveils First Exclusive Switch Feature and Offers Buying Discount for DMC 1-2 Owners

Company Capcom confirmed today the first of several features Switchversions Devil May Cry 3. If earlier switching of fighting styles in DMC3 occurred only at the start of the mission and at special sacred statues, then Now players can change them at any convenient time by pressing certain buttons – The authors previously implemented a similar function in Devil May Cry 4.

Initially, four basic styles will be available, players can switch between them using a cross. For each of the four arrows, the developers assigned the following styles: “up” – Trickster, “way down” – Guardsman, “to the left” – Shooter and to the right – Blade master. In turn, to activate special styles that are unlocked later in the game, you need to perform a quick double-click on the left arrow to Double and “right” for Mercury.

How all this will work in practice, the developers will show during a live broadcast on Twitch tonight in 01:00 in Moscow, and on the next two dates – January 30th and February 13th – Capcom will talk about two more features, moreover, the description of the game on the page in eShop says that additional features will be presented exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is already available for pre-order in a digital store at a price 1,399 rubles. Owners of the Switch version of DMC1 (Our review) and / or DMC2 when buying the third part will receive a discount of 25%. The release will take place February 20th.

According to rumors, in the roster Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dante may appear soon.

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