Developers: 3D-sound in the PlayStation 5 – a huge step forward in gaming audio

Typically, console engineers do not pay enough attention to audio chips. Sound has never been considered as an important component of games like the visuals. Therefore, equipment manufacturers often focus on installing powerful graphics rather than sound cards. This was repeated from generation to generation, but in the next, everything should change.

With coming Playstation 5, which will be on sale in less than a year, the sound will be no less emphasized than on the schedule. Lead System Architect Mark Zerny told the magazine Wiredthat the console architecture includes a special unit for processing 3D-sound, which, in his opinion, will change the attitude to sound in video games.

“As a gamer, I was a little disappointed that the sound did not change much when I switched from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. With the next console, I’m dreaming to show how much the sound can differ.”

In an interview GamesRadar several developers commented features of the upcoming sound system installed in the console from Sony. Samuel Justicewho previously worked as an audio director / designer at The chinese room, Dice and Frictional games, and now a co-founder and sound engineer supervisor Sweet justice sound – a sound company in Fortnite, Half-Life: Alyx, Mortal kombat 11 and many other projects, said:

“I think the crude computing power needed to create realistic sound models is greatly ignored. In the past, we have managed to maintain fairly good understanding of acoustic modeling using a variety of cunning and dexterous techniques. The ability to fully realize automated 3D audio is a big step forward for gaming sound and will certainly lead to a much richer experience. ”

According to lead sound designer Zoink games (creators Fe and Ghost giant) Marcus KlangRay tracing can also be used to enhance the sound experience.

“It can be used to improve the feeling of realism by fine-tuning the sound depending on the environment surrounding the player in real time.”

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft intends to make the same emphasis on sound in its Xbox Series X console. Otherwise, the company runs the risk of falling behind Sony in this regard.

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