We asked, but not the point

I will not original: Deus Ex: Human Revolution was surprisingly good. Perhaps this is one of those rare occasions when outsiders take up the cult TV series and really manage to breathe life into it.

In some ways it is inferior to the Spector something – superior, in some ways even she clearly did not fit, but it was a successful attempt resuscitation Deus Ex. And it has become a big problem for both the series and for Eidos Montreal with Square Enix, because you can not just do a direct sequel banal surprisingly good game.

Review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
The game does not introduce us into the swing of things: we are just a lot of characters with a look as if they care about us.

And they – the developer and publisher – to make a direct sequel to the HR. Spit on multiple endings predecessor, Mankind Divided pretends that everything was not quite as it could be remembered to you. And it is – only half the problem, even a quarter of trouble, because the main problem is not the point. No, the main problem – it’s her old protagonist.

Adam Jensen perfectly played a role in 2027. He never asked for this, and because watching him was interesting.

His personal tragedy, human tragedy in the anatomical sense largely ceased to be a man, and suddenly and dramatically, perfectly superimposed on the intricate and intriguing, typically cyberpunk story.

Touch of film noir, a large dose of sinister corporations and conspiracies, pleasant colors, the non-linearity – only mandatory bosses spoil the whole picture. But the story of Adam and HR ideally suited to each other.

Review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Colorful characters a little. Well, this one, for example, is good. Incidentally, it is associated with an interesting reference to the first Deus Ex.

Now the yard in 2029, and Jensen works in Interpol. A typical secret agent, it is the whole game chasing augmented by terrorists. Ironically, he is forced to defend a world that hates like it – piece of iron! – by actually like themselves.

From the piece of iron. Angry, cornered, accidents nedolyudey. That is how they are treated in Prague, and not only there. Winners metal artificial limbs and internal organs still do not burn in the furnaces, but to what goes. And as if not understanding this, some of the terrorists from the innocent downtrodden regularly throw firewood already engaged in the flame of popular anger.

Deus Ex without a good story – a mediocre shooting, a far from ideal “stealth” and mindless hacking all available electronic devices. MD to this has not slipped, but the developers are clearly moving in the “right” direction. Yes, the game once again returned Adam.

Mysterious forces have pushed into it new improvements, but this fact does not receive proper development in terms of history. I have nothing against the Tin Woodman with one facial expression for all occasions, but it looks frankly superfluous at this celebration of life.

Review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Reservation for augmented. How many interesting stories could be told in these decorations!

Personal interest? At the beginning of Human Revolution Adam shot in the head and supposedly killed his ex-girlfriend.

Then he literally sewn into an arsenal of incredible opportunities and give the right to take revenge for all their suffering. As MD, he, uh … just doing his job. This game can oppose the macabre plan of turning a tragedy on a planetary scale? A single high-grade “the boss” of the ideological bomber threatening here and now kill hundreds of innocent people.

MD crushed, got off to a typical story about a superspy and terrorists – here even dragged the Georgian mafia, and extremists from the Ukraine, it is surprising that in the title game is not quite logical Registry «Tom Clancy’s». This tedious and frankly weak story begins almost nothing, and ends even worse – no points, no answers to important questions .

Indeed, how to respond to these really important questions , if we there is still a need to occur not only the events of the original Deus Ex, with a new film series and not really fit in, but also, obviously, the future game Eidos Montreal? Nothing. Let them around the screen end credits, promise to lift the veil of mystery, the next time to be continued!

Review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided