There is much more behind this video game than it appears at first glance; is more than just a simple imitator of Konami’s classic but in 2D , and that’s something I value a lot.


The similarities are there, nobody hides them, but the video game of Red Candle Gameshe has his own voice, he has an identity, and he knows at all times how to surprise you. It seems like a lie. After so many years facing death … and here I am !, ag


ain, looking back I will not find something terrifying behind my back. But eye. With this I do not mean that Detention is an adventure of jumping on the chair and screaming like crazy; They do not go around the shots. His terror, even though it is visceral and very graphic, affects you in another way; your soul disturbs you, it frightens you


more for what it tells you than for what you see, for what you intuit more than for what you really know, and in the end, it creates such a halo of mystery around you, it is so twisted sinister in the plot , which is hard to resist; It catches you withou


t remedy! And not without reason. This is an adventure of terror of the good ones, of those that leave an imprint,originality , even getting you questioned if what you see on the screen is real, or maybe, a hallucination caused by the stress to which the protagonists are subjected.



Do not breathe

How deceptive can sometimes be first impressions. You see it and you think irretrievably in Silent Hill. “Another more imitator”, you tell

yourself; “I’ve seen this already”, you keep repeating yourself again and again … until you realize that no, that this is a different game, with another style, more deliberate, more intelligent; closer to a traditional graphic adventure , those of the point & click, than to a survival horror of those of a lifetime. Which does
not mean that you are going to escape easily from the black grim; death is a real threat, the spirits are there, thirsty for blood, always lookin
g for souls to reap. So you have to escape from them, by stealth, but in a very original way. You must not hide, nor run like crazy; On the contrary, his is to pretend to be a dead man; walk among them, without breathing , so they do not notice your presence. And it’s something that I love!


Detention analysis

In some moments the action becomes surreal, with a certain dreamlike air, making you doubt whether what you see is real or not.

I do not know why, but the oriental terrorhas always affected me a lot ; It is the one that leaves me with a terrible bad body, which whe


n I get home, it leads me to turn on all the lights and look under the bed. I do not exaggerate; I’m that scared. Therefore, to stand in front of a soulin pain it moans, it cries, it emits grotesque, terrible sounds of the grave, knowing that I must not move, that I have to stay still holding my breath … sometimes even it was me who


did not breathe! So tense this action can sometimes be in this video game, depending on the spirit that lurks, forces us to act in one way or another. It’s not that there is a great variety of enemies, there is not, and I certainly miss some more playable d


epth, more challenges that take advantage of stealth; but it can not be denied that Detention is a most gimmicky work. With little gets put fear in the body, and that has much merit.


Detention PC

Build an exciting and dramatic story that is greatly benefited by the historical context

Much of the blame has its lugubrious setting , yes, but above all, the story that counts. Starring two young students who have been trapped in a school in Taiwan in 1960 , during a furious typhoon, Detention builds an emotional, dram

atic story, which is also greatly benefited by the very historical context of the country, which at that time, He lived under a terrible ma
rtial law that ended the lives of thousands of innocents. From it, the Red Candle Games team draws gold, showing with realism and cruelty how dark the human soul can be. There are surprises, tension, well written dialogues and, best of all, puzzles that integrate phenomenally well in the story itself.



Detention PC

Do not breathe! For what you most want, do not do it! The spirits will go after you as soon as they notice that you have life. And if they do … run and do not look back!

You will move from one place to another in search of clues, triggering mechanisms, repairing objects or using keys … but you will feel that everything has a logic, even if your mission is to find some incense sticks to pay tribute to a god. Deten


tion intertwines reality with mysticism and religion brilliantly, and that is evident in their puzzles. There are also incredibly original, surreal, but always with a logic that will take you to find answers intuitively. I also appreciate how well the ex


ploration of the scenarios is managed . Sometimes you may not know very well what to do, where to go, but in a matter of seconds, as soon as you come up with a voila! Track, the ideas will flow naturally and you will immediately get going.


I was also very impressed with the soundtrack of Detention and, above all, its sound effects. It has a brutal force; there have been moments when listening to a moan, that strange guttural lament so typical of Asian terror, I have stopped in my tr


acks, I have been paralyzed, doubting whether or not to continue forward. And the music, although it is not very varied, gets something s


imilar; in some way it takes you to walk in constant tension. Logical on the other hand. It is enough to take a look at the images that accompany this analysis to check how gloomy and depressing some of the scenarios we will advance can be. They are also designed with an exquisite taste, with great attention to detail.