Destiny 3 is not worth waiting for in the foreseeable future

Active support for multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 will continue for several more years – in the foreseeable future Bungie does not plan to abandon his brainchild. The developers of the project spoke about in an interview with a Japanese resource 4Gamer

Now Bungie focuses all its attention on developing large-scale content updates for Destiny 2… Expansion to premiere next year The witch queenand a major addon will follow later Lightfall

At the same time, in a conversation with 4Gamer team Bungie hinted that Lightfall will not be the last page of history Destiny 2the game can get even more extensions

As the fans thought, if each new extension for Destiny 2 will be released once a year, then a full-fledged release Destiny 3 before 2024, you can not even count. But there are certain subtleties here too.

According to preliminary plans, for 2025 Bungie plans to launch her next brand new game, which has been in active production for the past few years… Given this fact, the premiere of the conditional Destiny 3 in the same time frame, the prospect becomes even more vague.

Recall that the premiere Destiny 2 took place back in 2017.

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