Destiny 2 The Osiris Curse: New History and Raid Lair

The Guardian of the Legend

The Red War is over, Ghaul dominus is defeated and the Traveler has been awakened. Guardians seem to be able to enjoy peace when a new threat exudes t
heir tranquility. Sagir, the specter of the legendary Osiris, is re-found on Mercury and warns of a lingering threat: the newly discovered energy of the Traveler has allowed the Vex to come a step away from the implementati
on of their plan, which would lead to the extinction of humanity. The favorite of Osiris and now a member of the Vanguard Ikora Rey decides to get on the t
rail of the Guardian Historic, now back from the exile that led him to visit places, times and spaces away from o
urs, thanks to the Infinite Forest, a car that livesin the heart of Mercury and used by the Vex to explore all possible future, present and past. The Osiris Cu
rse Campaign will include eight major missions plus Mercury, a new planet fully explored and enriched with all classic activities such as adventures, lost areas, patrols and more. Mercury, old knowledge of Destiny players, is now the home of the Vex as we
ll as, as anticipated, the headquarters of the Infinite Forest, a new end-game activity that should ensure ever new challenges, although it is not yet clear how the system will work. Waiting to discover some more detail, the artistic and narrative component of t
his DLC has left us more than satisfied: in addition, Bungie’s artistic abilityIt has never been questioned (and Vex
architectures have always been fascinating, bewitching and mysterious) and the narrative design of Destiny 2 proved right now one of the most successful elements of this production. Looking forward to new details, we are therefore eager to know Osiris closely.

After discussing new stories about the story, Deej (historical and eccentric community manager of Bungie) introduces the hot theme of the show: raid and end-game. The Destiny 2 problem today is largely due to the lack of structuring of the activities to be done once they have reached Maximum Power (330), discouraging – too – the Guardian’s desire to con
tinue living daily in Destiny’s universe 2. There a new incursion and an adjustment of the progression system were therefore expected, things that
did not even come to an end. The Osiris Curse, as well as the next and second DLC, will introduce a new Raid Lair: this is basically a “new” raid always set on the Leviathan with different puzzles, bosses and different level design. This time we will go to t
he belly by the huge space ship; Although the mechanics promise to be completely different, there remains a slight dissatisfaction due to the desire to make new raids.
 This will probably accompany us for a long time, as we repeat – even in the next expansion, there will not be a real raid. It is obvious that
the choice is daughter from the time of development / needs, although we can not emphasize how Destiny 2‘s end-game ecosystemremains uncertain and not very substantial, not so much in terms of quantity and quality as in str
ucturing completely. Hope is the last to die, be it clear, and the premise of The Curse of Osiris has somehow made us enthusiastic. Othe
r crucial points will be faced in the next round and we will always be here to tell you. Meanwhile, however, we feel we have to express our dou
bts about the introduction of these Raid Lair, which seem a lazy way to give continuity to a Raid that had already puzzled us in times of no suspicion.