Destiny 2: Beyond Light Displaces Indie Horror Phasmophobia From Number One On Steam Weekly Charts

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Valve has published an updated global sales chart by revenue in Steam for the week ended November 15th. Deluxe Edition Major Expansion Destiny 2: Beyond Light managed to displace the indie horror about ghostbusters from the first position Phasmophobia, which was on the top line for four weeks. Two other editions of the shooter Bungie were at # 2 and # 7, respectively.

A high fourth place in the rating remained for pre-orders of the new part of the popular football manager Football manager… The sports game is expected to be released on November 24th.

The sales of another indie hit seriously dropped Among Us… The party game about deduction that exploded the network fell from second to eighth position.

The ten most played games and devices by revenue on Steam last week:

1. Destiny 2: Beyond Light Deluxe Edition
2. Destiny 2: Beyond Light + Season Pass
3. Valve Index VR Kit
4. Football Manager 2021
5. Phasmophobia
6. Sea of ​​Thieves
7. Destiny 2: Beyond Light
8. Among Us
9. Cyberpunk 2077
10. FIFA 21

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