Destiny 2

I woke up with fever. Not the one influential, but the hype: last night Bungie presented his Destiny 2 , the direct sequel to the first chapter that has made millions fall in love with the game, and has the arduous purpose of bringing one of the most interesting
shooters last years to the next level. If we see a glimpse – or perhaps more – of gameplay we should wait on May 18, nothing prevents us from losing some speculation or, better, advancing requests and desires that we would like to see on September 8, ‘official release of the game, well aware that despite the fact that last night’s presentation he averaged, the mystery alone surrounding the title is still dense and in some ways impenetrable.
Fluidity first of all
It is good to have priorities, and on the one hand Destiny 2’s narrative and content side are both key factors, the 60 fps fixed and granite are even more. One shooter today can not really give up the sixty frames per second, and in particular Destiny , whi
ch uses up to thirty frames until the current chapter. The first step in the evolution of the game will therefore have to go from here, not from resolution, but from frames: to guarantee stable 60fps on any platform is the fundamental mission to begin to reassure and enthusiasm the audience.
Destiny 2
Do not give up on epic
Cayde seemed to us in a good shape: he jokes, he does not take too seriously. But Destiny’s tone does not have to be completely transformed in this direction, on the contrary it has to keep that dose of epic which is an integral part of the sci-fi / fantasy world created by Bungie. In short, it’s great to make the characters more colorful from the point of view of character, bu
t the soul of narrative must still be the epic. The narrative plot (the Last City Destroyed by Cabal Armies) does not promise anything nice, so we feel discreetly confident and not too scared by what seems to be a lighter approach to Destiny 2’s storytelling .
Destiny 2
So much content
The weight of the game, we know, is about 68 gigs. That this mass of data also includes the first two expansions is likely, but not sure: in an
y case the amount of Destiny content at day one will have to be greater and, above all, better structured than that of the first chapter. Let’s talk about the main, secondary and raid games that can hold players for at least three months to the new year. Let’s
keep in mind that Destiny 2 will also be released on PC, this means going to get involved with the community for years stationed firmly on personal computers, and we know to be accustomed and demands on MMO-style titles, more or less hybrid as Destiny. To propose a product from now on and complete finished will be crucial to avoid initial slips.
Destiny 2
There are still several months left at Destiny 2 exit , and the approach to the game has just begun: May 18 will be the turn of gameplay, then we are confident that at the international fairs (E3 and Gamescon) the shared-world-shooter Bungie will come back to talk about himself. Until then, it will be months of speculations, rumors, anticipations, and more.
There are still many doubts about the PvP, the loot, the classes and the abilities; be Guardian patients, the road is still long.