Destiny 2

Old friends, new story
One of the biggest flaws that marked the Destiny story was definitely the little cinematic and enthralling setting of the campaign, exploited in a fairly mediocre and incisive manner despite the great potential.
The presentation of this Destiny 2, however, seems to mean nothing else: from the very first sequences of the Homecoming mission game, one understands how the scenic and communicative address of this sequel is totally different. Epic scenes, immediate transitions between cut-scenes and gameplay, and above all a much more lively and credible interaction between players and NPCs.
During our test session, we have learned from now on that we will be faced with a story developed in a much more articulate and above all spectacular: interact and collaborate with the various Zavala and Ikora is able to give that touch to a production that undoubtedly needed a strengthening of this historically deprived part of it, even though the development of the mission resembles more clearly than the classical one of the first chapter, orphaned with particular speculations about the playing mechanics, but we hope to find it as we go into the narration.
Despite the fact that the campaign portion we tested has been fairly small (about 15/20 minutes), we can feel more than satisfied with what Bungie wanted to communicate: attention to the narrative component, apparently enhanced in every facet.
Set up mainly on the tower then, Homecoming can return a great feeling from the environmental point of view as well, with a better management aesthetics and even more for the exaltation of an artistic direction that is confirmed on the highest levels. Try to imagine what would happen to a superhero if he suddenly lost his powers. In addition to the uneasiness of communicating the plot of the story, the design and the look of the level does a great job: you have the feeling of having no control over anything and being at the mercy of a bloodthirsty adversary
It will be a long journey, therefore, a tough war to regain the Tower and the Light. Reconquist that will inevitably pass through the exploration of other planets, and even in this sense Destiny 2 offers more than a few new things: three new explorable planets (Titan, I and None), immediate displacements between a location and ‘The most important part is definitely that related to Adventures,or secondary activity, that will allow us to discover unknown places on the planets, know and interact with charismatic NPCs, and access more or less secret Dungeons that will reward us with exclusive rewards.
Thus, this structure obviously remembers any open world, and that’s exactly what we have to expect: much will depend, of course, on the size of the maps, but this ecosystem of quest and sub quest on paper convinces very, very much; if we then add completely unedited planets then the picture is complete. We’ve had a few small scenes linked to these new and intriguing worlds, and – as we said before – confirm the talent of an artistic team that does not want to stop just astonishing.
Destiny 2
You return to the assault
If in the conference the part of the assaults was only partially mentioned, in the backstage we had the opportunity to play The Inverted Spire, a strike set on the new planet No one and that gave us the chance to perceive a change in the construction of the environments undertaken by development teams, and above all to experiment with the new class management system, inventory and in particular the new super skills that have literally exalted the audience.
Let’s go with the order, however: The Inverted Spire looks like a rather classic assault, consisting of parts that mix more mechanical actions with more action. Progressing in the mission, however, it will be easy to see how the environment around the Guardians seems to aim at a greater impact, both in terms of spaces and in vast environments.