Destiny 2

Titan, all muscles and all the brain
As we have already noted in the first appointment of this guide, the Guardians of the second chapter will rely on three new parameters that will depend on the strengths and strengths of each class.
 We therefore turn to Mobility, Recovery and Resilience; it will be the Titan’s distinctive value, which will enable it to absorb more damage than its two counterparts, but at the same time being a bone-tightness. The Titan is, literally, the team’s shield, the point of reference for defending a particular point of interest – but do not underestimate its most aggressive side.
Regardless of what you can believe, Titan is not a suitable class for everyone and is especially unhelpful to those who prefer individual play.
His abilities, defensive or offensive, should be used wisely, with the primary purpose of providing solid support to the whole team and guiding them to victory with the right tactics. Certainly, this rule could safely apply to the other two classes, but it is up to Titan to be in the front line on the battlefield and to do it with diligence.
Sentinels and Assassins
Concerning the subclasses of  Destiny 2 , the Titans will be able to choose the old watcher’s or the new watchman’s route.
Just like a new Captain America, the Sentinel is a leader with all the crises, equipped with a versatile blanket of emptiness with which we can maximize our defense or alternatively make a square of enemies. The Shield of the Sentinel can be activated by the special command of the Super (L1 + R1), it can be flung against enemies by pressing the left lane (L1) or using it to evoke a defensive barrier with the left trigger (L2). The already known Assassin is re-launched with some change, first of all that made to his Super, Fists of Destruction.
By activating this skill we would hit the ground with all of our brute force by damaging the enemies in the impact area; after the first attack, the Titan will stay in Super mode to spin other punches (R2) or to perform a Spalled Load (R1) on an enemy. Both Super Skills are effective both in PvE and PvP, but the Assault will have a slight offensive advantage in competitive modes.
Similarly to the Hunter’s “ways”, Titan can rely on the so-called codes, that is, the sets of passive talents that distinguish each subclass. For the Sentinel there is the Protector’s Code, great for allied support thanks to the buffs on their defense and on that of teammates;
Alternatively, we find Coupon Codes, recommended for PvP sessions, due to the reduction in Supercharging times and grenades. The Assaulter will shake the battlefield with the Spaccaterra Code, thanks to the Seismic Assault – which will replace the Spallata Loaded – and the advantages of grenades; the second choice falls on the Inesorabili Code
While the grenades find three variants for each subclass, giving the player the freedom to choose according to the sought after combat style, the motion skills remain unchanged. These also offer three options: Upper elevation, with which we can reach the higher heights; Calibrated elevation, for better control during the jump; Catapult elevation, a kind of double jump obtained from a faster initial start.
For the joy of many players returning to the popular Spezzasoli, the solar subclass we got to know in the first chapter. The Titans of this faction will be able to wield the Hammer of Sol, a flaming weapon that we will scour with all our strength against the disadvantaged in turn. The subclass adapts to both PvE and PvP contexts effectively, counting on a variety of skills that will ensure high attack offensive and useful buff for your team.