Destiny 2

Age Rating: 16+

2014 th year. Destiny. The first step for the Americans from Bungie, who made a name for itself already a cult series of Halo and Master Chief had left in the past. MMO-rpg-shooter with a truly cosmic (pun intended) budget blockbuster PR-campaign, ambitious and controversial ideas to implement them. One of the most popular and controversial projects of modernity which split the gaming community.

2017 th year. Destiny 2. The sequel, which many are simply not asked. A second attempt to win the hearts of millions.”Va-Bank” from Bungie and of Activision, continues to bend his line, believing in the success of their ideas and developments. The next milestone in the game, “business”, doomed to a controversial perception by the public. Because HYIP – a dangerous thing, but “with great power comes great responsibility.” So, what is it – Destiny 2? We are touched by this AAA-titanium, we have felt all his power and are willing to share their experiences.

“Failure is an integral part of an attempt to invent something. These two things can not be separate from each other. We understand and believe that it is better to make a mistake, because sooner or later you will find yourself right.” Dzheff Bezos


The fate of their so …

One of the most jammed of plates from the series “The criticism in the address of Destiny” for the authorship of the players and the press became the plot of the original. Mostly clear as glass, and in some places and at all frankly weak. The approach chosen , “we all understand, we have listened to the criticism and have been working on the bugs”(philosophy, which has recently been gaining popularity among many developers and publishers),

Bungie has really improved the situation for the better. Yes, the story of Destiny 2 is still not flaunt any revelations shyamalanovskimi and crazy twists and explores the usual clichés and tricks fantastic adventure blockbusters. However, it is not bad!

The plot develops gradually, very clearly outlines the motivation of heroes and villains, attracting the attention of the player much stronger and more persistent than the last time. Masterpiece? Of course no. Better than the first time, and enough to captivate the player? Absolutely! Judge for yourself…

321A year after the events of the last scene of the original Destiny DLC, the inhabitants of the Earth again in danger from the outside – a sinister army of the Red Legion, led by Goul arranges a full-scale siege of the latter city, which became a stronghold of the human (and not only)civilization. Lure for alien invasion “dark forces”, according to tradition, became a wanderer – a mysterious sphere, dangling on a “low orbit” of the world many centuries ago, around which was built the last city.

“Light” Wanderer allowed at one time to mankind to make huge technological leap, and now the mysterious object is a source of strength and abilities of the Guardians – keepers of the latter city. Of course, the purpose of Goul and his “gang” becomes light energy absorption of the Wanderer, because … Evil! 

Last City captured bad guys, the refugees decided to settle on the Farm (which is becoming a new social location within the game)And Guardians, who lost “Light” flee and scatter the back streets of the solar system.

Now we have to regain the ability to help the leaders of the resistance to gather all forces and prepare a counter-attack on the Red Legion, so that it is desirable to repel invaders from the Earth. YES EASY!



An integral part of any self-respecting MMO-project is the creation and customization of unique character. With this begins the path of everyone. People exo or Awakened – the choice is yours, personalize the settings of the Hero is quite flexible, though not phenomenal – ready face, skin and eye color, various parts or paint … Indulge as you like! The choice, according to tradition, the players are offered three main classes , each of whom has unique skills, upgrades, bonuses and two sub-classes, allowing players to build the most flexible fighting style to your liking.


Titan – a hulking big man capable of absorbing a large amount of damage, “to call” a shield to repel the attacks and use it in the best traditions of Captain America.


Hunter – a clever shooter, wielding a stick or electro-solar gun, much more agile and resourceful Titan.


Warlock – a local battle mage, able to float in the air, and all and sundry to disconnect a fireball, releasing them from their flaming sword.

123The main difference lies in the skill of classes, especially in the “Ultimate” – super-abilities, which are charged for a long time, but instantly transform you into a locomotive HYIP and coolness (though not for long).Others are tied to skills mobility and grenades. And let someone division into classes / subclasses seem solution “for show”, in many situations the representatives of different “professions” really play differently, especially in the later stages of the progression of your character. When the battle style was formed, and the tree of skills has grown. Bleeding, by the way, there is a traditional role fatten experience an increase in the level and distribution of the points of that sounds strange because the straightness of your “rock” because of special “options” and branches in the distribution options for skill-points “at a time” you do not You get. Why this illusion of choice – it is not clear …