Danganronpa creator working on Death Come True FMV game – Gambling

The other day, game designer Kazutaka Kodak, creator, director and screenwriter of the series Danganronpaannounced his new project. And now introduced the first of the heroes of the adventure Death come true.

Death Come True is an interactive FMV action movie with live actors. The entire course of the plot will depend on what decisions we make. This genre was very popular in the 1990s, and is now experiencing a rebirth after success. Her story and Telling lies.

“Is this a movie or a game?”

According to the plot, the main character, Makoto Karaki, comes to life in a hotel. He has amnesia and does not remember how he got here. But from the news release, he learns that he is wanted as a serial killer. Makoto will have to hide from the authorities until he collects all the evidence and finds out what really happened. And in this time travel will help him.

Today, developers presented the first of the actors Death Come True. The main character will be played by Kanata Hongo ("Child of the moon","Fullmetal Alchemist"). The actor took part in the dubbing of an anime series based on Danganronpa 3.

Kanata Hongo already praised the script and said that he was carefully designed and rich in unique features. Kanata is convinced that it is impossible to convey some of the nuances of the acting using computer graphics and is going to prove it when the game comes out.

In Japan, Death Come True will be released in 2023, the platform has not yet been named. Western localization has not been officially announced either, although the game’s twitter is also explained in English. In the coming days, developers will talk about other members of the acting group.