Deponia Doomsday

One indication of such popularity – a violent reaction of the fans to the final Goodbye deponia . Farewell to a bully and a cynic Rufus got so emotional and sad that it was the time to write a petition to change the ending. The Germans obviously felt it too and have decided … not to rewrite it, and by staying true to their principles, to build a completely new game around this final.

Back to the Future

Those who for some strange reason still do not know, we recall summary of the previous series. Man-disaster cynical, narcissistic egoist and neformal Rufus lived on the planet, landfill Deponiya, where some are mired down in a garbage city called Kuvak, while others are enjoying life at the top Elysium. Once he realized his dream of the same, reached Elysium, passing different halves of his native city, met a beautiful girl and Goal after a series of adventures, atrocities, vandalism and self-cloning saved yet Deponiyu from certain death – though very expensive price.

Three years after the Goodbye Deponia turned out that Rufus told us not “goodbye” and “goodbye”. In fact, without announcement and without warning cameDoomsday deponia , where we meet again with this charming rogue. However, the meeting was very strange. The entire game – one big parody at the same time to “Groundhog Day” and “Back to the Future.”

Along with Rufus, Goal and a time traveler Mac Chronicle we have distorted the space-time continuum and are now forced to repeatedly relive the same events, the same nightmare, scroll all the same three-year-old final move from the past into future and back to change something and break this vicious circle.

Smehopanorama Rufus

It sounds, however, it is more serious than a game. Rufus – the same narcissistic and cynical idler. It breaks everything he touches, and the future vision of the apocalypse he is most worried about the fact that for some reason he grew a mustache.

For three years Daedalic Entertainment is not something that has not lost a sense of humor, and even increase it. Frankly flat jokes and one-liners from the waist down in Deponia Doomsday in times less than in the last game. But from the first minutes Rufus begins to hunt for pink elephant and eventually takes him his own mother in law in imposing pajamas.

Deponia Doomsday game review

Mini-games can be skipped if desired.

And then all in the same spirit: Rufus help with waxing harsh Viking, talking with a flower, like Elvis Presley(Elvis Presley), convinces peanuts to sacrifice themselves for the sake of oil, shave the beard of bees, it brings new breeds of animals from different genetic codes, communicates with its own double and even lectured the students …

The concentration of jokes, funny situations, funny dialogue and hilarious comments rolls. This is largely due to the fact that Deponia Doomsday compared to the previous series was the quest more succinct and focused – great locations and empty dashes here and there are smaller, but the action and healthy laughter – more.

Mini-games and maxi-logic

This, of course, had an impact on the gameplay. Strange, bizarre and amusing logic inherent in all the quests from Daedalic , will not go away – where you can make the headphones from potatoes, to be photographed with a bowling ball, use slippers massage and so on.

But in general, due to the fact that the locations have become smaller, and the story itself and the action – laconic, in Deponia Doomsday much less frequently falls into a state of frustration, trying to understand what and why to you want. Someone might say that everything has become easier, while others argue that the clear and logical.

But this time, much more mini-games – from the funny version of tic-tac-up imitation of a shooting range and 8-bit turn-based strategy. There were even the QTE, but here the authors did not attempt to follow the fashion, and mocks it in his style.