Moragon is a peninsula located in the northern regions of the Abidon Sea, where, for a long period of time, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings lived their lives peacefully in their communities, with little or no interaction between each other. When Humans arrived in their ships, gradually established their commercial routes from north to south of the peninsula.

Hour of despondency.

I am deeply convinced that the developers should send the game to previews only when they have something to brag about. It is clear that the authors sometimes do not realize that the game they do somehow … not really, but if there is no iron certainty that you cook hit – probably best not to show it to anyone. Especially if inside him live such a terrible four-legged … um … fish-lizard?

Impressions from the Demons Age

Authors isometric RPG Demons Age link to a classic turn-based RPG, but judging by the complication, in fact, developers were inspired by old and not very good role-playing games that no one and does not remember.

Once there were all sorts of wonderful narodtse, then sailed people, then sailed bad people, then there was a war in the fantasy world, and for many years now in the world is nothing wrong with that.

The main character must be chosen from among the rowers of slaves on the ship, which, of course, immediately after the important decision of broken rock. A set of races and classes imagination not hit, so poke tucked mage or a fighter and end up on a small sandy beach.

When you try to take something from the nearby crates it appears that the interface is not particularly friendly and informative. But then something else – that icon of action in the fight – a real quiet horror, and they do not seem to gather redraw as release very soon.

Impressions from the Demons Age

Sami fights – a typical exchange of boxing ears, step by step. No tricks like the beats I could not see the body of the concrete, so why then need such a system – is unclear. That would be the case some: Stripping dungeons enough for normal grinder in real time – this statement is easy to prove the existence of any Diablo.

Step-fights are good when they have a place for what some nasty tricks: shots in the groin in of Fallout, sighting dagger blows in The Age of Decadence, destruction of arms with a gun in Front Mission 3, spraying something flammable and subsequent ignition of the byaki in Divinity: Original Sin. The Demons Age has only a party of characters, enemies and endlessly dull fights, in which the higher the complexity, the less likely that someone in someone ever gets.

Impressions from the Demons Age

Characters and monsters are beating each other without a spark in his eyes – looking through the intro, I’m on the other, in general, and did not expect. In addition, after the first fight in the open air we send literally gray dungeon, on the second floor which I died. Of boredom.

It is possible that for the Demons Age is not even worth it to undertake: the publisher’s announcements do not promise anything but “classic RPG”, “high-quality graphics”, “atmosphere”, “battle with the ancient forces of evil” and “explore the ruins.”

Somehow it is not very impressive, when you consider that the first – a loose concept, the second and third I found, well, fourth and fifth in itself is not particularly something and need.

If the Demons Age, and there is something interesting, something to him, I was not able to get there: trite tie and tightened, monotonous fights discouraged to explore the world in its current, in my view, raw. Perhaps I will give a second chance to play on the console, in September – Release Demons Age will take place on PC, PS4 and Xbox One – but to be honest, until I felt nothing in it, for the sake of what it cost to get out of the first dungeon.