Deadpool 3 accidentally leaked Ryan Reynolds

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who played Wade Wilson, accidentally unveiled the new Deadpool 3 movie and replied to fans about the state of the project. As it turned out, the film may be released sooner than many expected.

As became aware, Ryan Reynolds became a guest of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show on YouTube, where he appeared in a Christmas sweater on which Reynolds had previously become the hero of a meme along with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. The presenters asked Ryan Reynolds what would happen to the movie “Deadpool 3”, and suddenly the actor replied that “he is working on it with the whole team right now.” Reynolds noted that after the merger of Fox and Disney, now he works with the whole team Marvel Studios, which immediately transfers the movie “Deadpool 3” to another league, and “it all turns out crazy.” Ryan Reynolds did not disclose other details, but the fans were delighted with the new plum, which officially confirmed the fact of working on the painting “Deadpool 3”.

It is worth noting that initially Ryan Reynolds was not sure that the movie “Deadpool 3” would see the light at all, and assumed that the hero would appear only in the film about the heroes of the Force X squad. However, after the merger of Fox and Disney, the rights to the character passed to Marvel Studios, which will finally introduce Deadpool into the superhero movie universe Marvel. At the same time, the authors of the films “Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2” had previously encouraged fans and said that the third part would also come out with an adult rating of R. However, it is not yet clear how this will be done and what heroes Deadpool will be able to meet. It is interesting that Reynolds already posted his photo from the headquarters of Marvel Studios, but then the actor joked that he was auditioning for the role of the new Iron Man (Tony Stark), and they kicked him out.

It is not yet known when Deadpool 3 will be released, but so far Marvel Studios has not announced the project and its release date. Thus, the film can be released only in 2023. According to, the first two films, despite the adult rating, earned more than $ 1.5 billion at the global box office.