Dead Island Escape

If something characterizes the Dead Island saga is its ability to generate expectations that it is then unable to meet. Not that they are bad games to use, in fact the first was very close to being notable, but it seems that the development teams of the franchise have better marketing managers than programmers. There will be few people who do not remember that exceptional


trailer for the first of the saga, with the regression of the girl-zombie and the two-part story that showed her as a living dead and normal girl. Or the Dead Island Riptide, less emotional but equally solid, with a couple inside a ship surrounded by zombies. Even with Dead Island 2, where the emotional was rejected in favor of pure and simple fun, a key objective was reached,


which was to generate a movement in communities, social networks and in the international press. Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide did not go as well as they should and it remains to be seen what happens with Dead Island 2 (things look better than previous ones,


that’s for sure), but with Escape Dead Island something unheard of happens: it has not generated hardly noise. And after completing it, you can understand … partly yes, and partly not.

Developed by the Swedish studio Fatshark(responsible for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2), Escape Dead Island was announced as a spin-off of the main franchise developed in parallel, with a non-canonical history with respect to the others. Maybe that was the


marketing tactic, trying to unbind a product undoubtedly less embicioso than the central branch of the saga. But if they had devoted enough effort to the playable, we could probably talk about the best title in the series, at least in the narrative .

When we started playing adventure we came across a level where we took control of a spy with a Hispanic accent who is in a scientific


complex infested with zombies. Katana in hand, his goal is to find a kind of documentation about a virus that is turning the living into the dead (living), but along the way, he finds something unexpected that slows his progress. The crazy moments of the story are the best of the game.At this point we take control of the true protagonist of the story, Cliff Calo , a young man who is on vacation by sea with his girlfriend Linda and his friend Devon

The crazy moments of the story are the best of the game.

Escape Dead Island (360) Screenshot Escape Dead Island (360) Screenshot

. His destination is the island of Narapela, near Banoi, and his goal is to get a rigorous journalistic report to take it to his father and thus publish it in the newspaper. Once on the ground things go a little different from what they would have expected and that is how a nightmare


begins in which you never know what is real or fictional, what is being dreamed, imagined or narrated in the conventional way. It serves to finish the game and look at the credits to read who has been responsible for the script and find Anne Toole ,


screenwriter of the first The Witcher, to make accounts and understand where the sum comes from. The triumph of Escape Dead Islandthen passes through his story, how he is able to take things away and at the same time keep us intrigued not so much to make Cliff survive as to know what madness will happen in the next chapter.