Dead Island Definitive Collection

This work of Techland , study that by the way has ended up specializing in this type of productions, served to enhance a genre that over the years has gained much in transcendence, being a survival horror of open world really interesting.


Well, while we await the arrival of the eternally delayed Dead Island 2 (development that is now held by Sumo Digital), Deep Silver has wanted users of PS4, Xbox One and PC to have their corresponding ration of undead and gore frenzy.


 That’s why we have with us the so-called Dead Island Definitive Collection , a remastered collection that integrates both the original title of the saga and its official continuation, Dead Island: Riptide .


And what about Escape Dead Island , the spin off that also appeared for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? Well that has been out of this collection, and with good judgment to our knowledge due to its low quality, being “replaced” by a very curious minigame and which we will talk about later that is called Dead Island Retro Revenge .



An unforgettable vacation

The starting point of this first-person survival adventure is Banoi . This – in principle – exotic archipelago becomes a hell of beyond the grave when, because of an epidemic, dozens, hundreds of undead begin to roam freely for their beaches and resorts. A frantic limit situation that we must try to overcome, whatever it may be … but without wanting to reveal anything, later it has continuity in Riptide.


Dead Island Definitive Collection analysis

Before entering this nightmare it is possible to choose our protagonist among several candidates.

In any of the two titles that are part of this adventure we must choose our protagonist from among several candidates. Each of th


em is an expert in a certain field (firearms, other more forceful, etc.) and marks a little the class of the character. From there and both in Dead Island and its continuation Riptide, we must go overcoming different missionsbot


h main and secondary that we are entrusting the different players with which it is possible to go interacting, giving shape to a varied and quite absorbing gameplay.


Dead Island Definitive Collection PC

All screen HUDs and controls have been unified between the two games included in the remastering

The main thing in this videogame is to keep us alive, so we must flee from enemies when they outnumber us and fight against them when we see ourselves trained for it. To carry out the second of these options it is essential to explore the sets as much

as possible in search of supplies such as first aid kits or energy drinks and, most of all, weapons. Anything is worth to repel the hordes of undead (of several different types) that haunt us. Knives, bats, pistols, metal pipes or almost any blunt object or firearm (not very abundant) is valid to eliminate rivals.


In addition, one of the most important characteristics of both productions is the crafting of our arsenal. Every time we find a work table we ca


n make improvements and adjustments to our weapons as long as we have the right objects for it (nails, adhesive tape, wooden planks, glue, etc.), a task that we assure you is vital to have guarantees of success in according to what missions.


Dead Island Definitive Collection PC

Dead Island Definitive Collection

The gore festival is guaranteed, being able to witness all kinds of scenes in which blood is the protagonist.

As we move forward and gain experience, it is also possible to improve the skills of the characters . As if it were an RPG we have the op


tion to go enabling those improvements that interest us most, skills grouped into three distinct branches that define our style of play. A way to add depth to the adventure … Although there is more. The dimensions of the scenarios are so wide that to go from one place to another we can ride in different vehicles or even use the suggestive function of fast travel.


As you can see it is a game concept that, for all those who did not play it at the time, closely follows what has been experienced in other more recent works of the genre as the current referent of it, Dying Light(and its expansion The Following ) , although there are differences between one video game and another as everything related to the theme of parkour (only in Dying Light), driving vehicles, etc.


What is common in these productions created by Techland is its online multiplayer side . Up to four players can advance in a cooperative


plan to meet the different objectives together, an option that has seemed very suggestive and that adds interest to both adventures. Undoubtedly, it is the most striking claim of the whole game … and also the most advisable, since if we play alone loses part of their interest. Not that it is bad at all, but it is true that everything becomes more repetitive.