Dead Alliance

E3 does not mean just great productions by force of things. On the contrary, getting around and having appointments in booths intimate and humble in terms of size can mean detoxing a few minutes from AAA productions. Interacting with publishers like Maximum Games allows you to discover promising, or anyway interesting, titles that are told by development studios that are really excited to convey the concept of their product.
This is the case with Dead Alliance, a multiplayer shooter focused on zombies and set in a post-apocalyptic fashion. The title, developed by Illfonic Psypop Games, has an interesting and rather unpublished structure that proposes the use of dead as true weapons to be able to use wisely. During our trial we have dealt with two ways: here are our impressions.
A not too classic Team Deathmatch
The first approach with Dead Alliancewill be very classic for those who are familiar with the first-person shooter: classic gameplay, gunplay also, coupled with the usual dynamics that regulate such titles. The whole thing is implanted within a well-known way that allows you to set itself in the right and in no time. The peculiarity of the game distributed by Maximum Games, however, lies in the interaction with zombies, especially in the way it happens.
The various monsters will turn into groups throughout the map, they will have endless respwan and, of course, they will attack us mercilessly. Shooting with our rifles will then attract our attention, so this is a great dynamism during the firefights: stationing in the usual area means attracting all the dead to us. We will then have a whole set of gadgets available to attract, distract, and use our most fun zombies.
In short the particularity of Dead Alliance is just this: developing the gameplay around the use of wandering monsters. Here is the PAM grenade, which allows aggressive zombies to make our enemy, or the Templar, an aggressor that otherwise calms and counteracts the effect of the PAM grenade or any other exciting one. Obviously there are many other objects, and as many modes (7 in total), our hands on did not allow us to experience everything, except for the game mode Attrition, which to make a little more sparkling action inserts elements MOBA in the context of the game.
Dead Alliance
Attrition and MOBA elements
Worms to conquer, towers and enemy bases to knock down and zombies who behave like minions. Attrition replicates the classic structure of MOBA games and implants into its fps. The result is quite interesting, albeit somewhat limited by a very standard gameplay that despite the available gadgets of the soldiers can not really create something unique. In fact, you spend much of the time running from one part of the map to another, hoping to conquer an area hoping your enemy will be distracted; rather than using zombies to launch them against opponents as you wait hidden behind a car. That’s why Dead Allianceit shows some defect, but it has all the time to be covered. At the technical level the game is mediocre, suffers from a few drops of frames and the textures look a bit back if we think of the current technology. As anticipated, however, this is a version that still needs some rush: so let’s wait confident.