Daymare: 1998 – Invader Studios

Nostalgia, in these cases, is well-known, makes it a master, also manages to pierce the most ruthless of the armor and the announcement is followed by the distribution of an alpha version that Unity passes to the Unreal Engine 4, showing everything Invader Studios’ commitment to this production. Commitment and passion, however, do not pay, is known: Satisfaction comes shortly after the fame of their work arrives to Capcom’s ears, which decides to host Invader Studios in Osaka. The message is fairly clear and also very lapidary: there is no room for another Resident Evil 2 remake, because otherwise 2016 was the year of the official announcement. Talk to you had been Yoshiaki Hirabayashi ,


who had secured a job that could give a more than faithful experience to the original: that’s why the Invader fan-made project was immediately put to a standstill. The return to Italy, however, is not sad and desperate, indeed: the agonistic verve is immediately r


epulsed by what are the words that pervade the studies of Osaka, which make a resonance case for the birth of Daymare: 1998 , the new and definitive project of Invader Studios. Do not call it “floor b” Speaking of birth from the ashes of the remake seems too inscrutable, appeal to the idea of ​​phoenix that revives after death too imaginative: the solution is to see Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 - Invader Studios

as a completely new project, to which he begins to give weight and justice for the clamor made by the trip to Japan of Giannone and members. So far as the plot is not known yet, the game has already shown itself at Milan GamesWeek in 2016, within the indie area created by AESVI. The atmosphere is necessarily dark, the dark colors go for the greater, relying on the few dim lights, which figuratively represent the glimmer of hope that our protagonist pursues to get to a free zone, is the main


obligation. So how do you have to arm a gun or rifle and tackle what is a horror survival that seems to properly address the mechanics that he has honored in the recent past, Dead Space . Daymare:wants to be a great reminder of the past, in the ’90s, the gold that Resident Evil sifted and donated to the market and to the public. However, we come to the pr


ecise explanation that answers the question “what is Daymare: 1998is that while Capcom drives to the first person for Resident Evil 7, Invader Studios pushes on the third: a motivated choice, stemming from the need to marry the 90s best while retaining their immersive ability. Despite the difficulty we have talked about so far, the player will be a


ble to use a selector of the same to decide whether to live from hardcore gamers or to keep a more rhythmic pace: obviously mood and ultimate experience does not will be affected by the difficulty, because everyone deserves to enjoy full of what will beDaymare: 1998 . The Invader Daymare: 1998 phenomenon is a strongly story driven, which carries the gamer at the c


enter of a story, in all respects, unpleasant. However, the term Daymare is an unpleasant experience of awakening: a day-to-day nightmare when the mind is so conscious but unable to handle the body, which does not respond to brain stimuli. There is so much to say about Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 - Invader Studios

, but still to be discovered. It is to be said, though, that the clamor is so much, the media rumble is very high: the trailer posted on December 14 last year has collected more than 600,000 views on YouTube in less than 48 hours and soon will come the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter , prepared for the first months of 2017. The figure that has to be reached has yet to be announced in order to evaluate how the campaign is winning, but we will soon have news.

“We are extremely proud of Daymare: 1998– Invader Studios guys say – but we’re probably still more of the group behind us. Despite the many difficulties arising from the development of such an ambitious title for an indie team, the personal and collective growth we face every day is allowing us to reach unthinkable results. The next step is to offer the many people who follow a title worthy of the survival horror genre, which satisfies them by the players as it satisfies us as developers. “