Darkest & Bloodiest Part of the Series: New Information on Final Fantasy, Dark Souls Style for PS5 and PC

New part Final Fantasy in style Dark souls, which was first rumored over the weekend, will be “the darkest and bloodiest game in the series.” About this on the forums ResetEra insider said Navtra… An unannounced project is being developed in the studio Team Ninjaknown for creating a hardcore franchise Nioh… She was previously in charge of fighting Dissidia Final Fantasy NT by order Square enix

In response to user questions, Navtra also highlighted that the new Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5, presumably dubbed Final fantasy originwill not be “just another trite clone of Dark Souls”. It has its own unique face and unique mechanics, and one of its key features will be the ability to choose the difficulty level – this is done to reach a wider audience.

“Final Fantasy Origin has the DNA of Nioh, but it’s not Nioh 3 or Nioh with a Final Fantasy skin.”

An insider called Final Fantasy Origin “an original game.”

In terms of scope and budget, Final Fantasy Origin will fall short of blockbusters such as Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken… Navtra also urged not to expect cutting-edge graphics from it. The first demo should appear in the summer

Final Fantasy Origin will launch on Playstation 5and then appears on PC

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