Danger and mystery in the slums of Meccania

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The first time in World of Warcraft we set foot in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, more than ten years ago (when we knew it only with the name Gadgetzan), it was just an oasis full of goblin merchants intent on selling their wild inventions in the desert of Tanaris. It was still far from the cataclysm with which Alamorte would upset Azeroth, forcing to rebuild many points of interest including the same Meccania that, from that point on, became a real port city.

 Mean streets of gadgetzan release date

All data for the expansion was added in Patch on November 29, 2016

The last expansion of Hearthstone, the Slum of  Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, is set in this city. The world of Blizzard collectible card game is already widely known for having put together in the inn many more or less well-known characters inspired by the situations of World of Warcraft (with peace of mind the references of time or characters now disappeared for years); moreover, since patch 7.0 it has also lost the subtitle Heroes of Warcraft, opening very different future scenarios in which it could not be excluded to see cards or entire expansions coming from other intellectual properties of Irvine’s house like Overwatch, StarCraft or Diablo.


In the slums of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the city has been divided into neighborhoods controlled by the three families, the Sgarri Torvi, the Kabala and the Lotus of Jade, each of which has affiliate to itself, and then to their game mechanics, respectively paladins, warriors and hunters in the first case, priests, sorcerers and wizards in the second and thieves, druids and shamans in the third.


This results in many innovations, first of all the tri-class cards that will greatly upset the now stagnant post-Blizzcon metagame, so there is to be expected a last competitive season of the year in which all kinds of decks will take shape that will last at least until the next deep change coincides with the beginning of the second standard year, in 2017, and with a new expansion. On tiptoe and respectfully we visit the three families that populate the Bassifondi di Meccania to better understand the new 130 cards available.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan introduce tri-class servants by opening unpredictable scenarios in  hearthstone game

 Hearthstone gameplay


This family ranks thieves, druids and shamans among its ranks and is led by the legendary tri-class servant Aya Zampa Nera, a 5/3 to 6 mana that is like a battle cry and a death rattle evokes a golem of jade ; golems are the unique feature of the Lotus of Jade, since each of them, when it comes into play, has attack and defense increased by 1.

Each family can also count on two other tri-class servants: one keeps the unique characteristic of the belonging clan, as happens for the Jade Spirit, which for 4 mana is a 2/3 able to summon a golem upon entering the field

 Hearthstone new cards


While the second provides a card of another class affiliated through the now known mechanics of the discovery and, for the Lotus of Jade, is Agents of the Lotus, a 5/3 to 5 mana: this “tri-class discovery” is already opening really interesting scenarios. Each affiliate class has a legendary one and if that of the druid Kun the Forgotten King remains fairly anonymous, from the top of his 10 mana cost for a 7/7


And the ability to have 10 mana or 10 armor points available again , the same can not be said for that of the shaman Occhi Bianchi, a 5/5 provocation that as a death rattle puts in the deck the Guardian of the Storm, which has its same cost but is a 10/10 provocation that is already on display in some lists of N’Zoth control decks (which shows in the field all the servants with death rattle).


Shaku the Collector is, instead, the legendary of the thief and is a sneaky 2/3 to 3 mana with stealth that, every time he attacks, provides you with a card of the opposing class. One thing is certain: whenever he attacks, he provides you with a card from the opposing class.


One thing is certain: whenever he attacks, he provides you with a card from the opposing class. One thing in hearthstone blizzard is certain:each of these three classes has developed an interesting new way of playing that can give a great advantage especially in an eventual advanced phase of the match , thanks to the help of the golems evoked by new spells and servants.


Not only that: the thief thanks to the new Counterfeit Coin has added another important piece to the “miracle” deck and its interactions, coincidentally, with the old Auctioneer of Meccania.