version of the media players rating in the CIS in 2019 – 11‑20 places

On December 23, began to publish the media rating of e-sportsmen from the CIS in 2019 – then the owners of 21-30 positions became known. Today it’s time to tell who took 11-20 places.

The top ten will be announced on December 27. You can follow the update of the media ratings of players, talents and top managers on the page of our New Year special project for the year. There you can vote for the best esports players from the CIS in Dota 2, CS: GO and LoL.

Criteria for rating:

  • the number of views of the information lines about the player;
  • audience activity in comments on player’s info lines;
  • audience activity on the player’s social networks;
  • the number of viewers on the player’s broadcasts on (thanks Esports Charts for the help!);
  • number of searches about a player.

Based on these criteria, we compiled three typical indicators – the index, the index of personal accounts and the search engine index. Their amount determined the final score and the position of the players in the ranking.

The most media e-sportsmen of the CIS

The media rating is compiled with the support of our partners from Esports chartswho provided data on streaming sites.