“Cut out features are part of the creative process”: Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Replies to Jason Schreier’s Article

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Development Manager Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Badovsky of CD Projekt RED reacted to the new journalistic investigation Jason Schreierby publicly responding to some of the allegations of a prominent editor Bloomberg

More precisely, attention Badovsky attracted only three positions from the publication Schreier

First, the leader commented on Schreier’s words that the public demonstration Cyberpunk 2077shown in 2018 was completely “fakeBadovsky claims that this is not so

“It’s hard to create a demo two years before release that isn’t just a sketch of ideas or a simple vertical slice of the game, but that doesn’t mean that what you see is fake. Compare this to the full release yourself. your articles may not be aware of the fact that the production of games rarely has a linear structure, and finally the games take shape only a few months before the start of sales. [2018 года] slightly different from the final result, yes, but that’s why we put a sign in the video with the words “not the final version”. The final build of the project looks and plays much better than the demo version

As for the “cut” features of the game, it’s all part of the creative process. Mechanics are added and removed after we decide how well they fit the project.

And if you already go into details about our game, then it is worth noting that the concept from that demo later grew into a product, the PC version of which received many nines and tens from respected publications around the worldConsole versions are a different case… But we have taken responsibility and are working very hard to sort out all the bugs (including on PC, this version is also far from ideal).

We are proud of Cyberpunk 2077 both as a game and as our creative vision. I simply cannot call such a “catastrophe”, – shares his thoughts Badovsky.

Further Badovsky commented on the statement Schreier, referring to the staff of the Polish studio, that Cyberpunk 2077 was simply not ready for the 2020 release.

The top manager believes that, given the huge staff of the company, such a small number of people surveyed can hardly fully reflect the opinion of the entire team.

“You talked with 20 people. Only 1 of them did not hide his identity. I do not agree that these people can speak for the” majority “, consisting of more than 500 employees,” says Badovsky.

And finally, the last moment on which Badovsky focused his attention – the words Schreier about what’s inside CD Projekt RED an unpleasant working environment develops. In particular, the journalist wrote that some of the English-speaking specialists constantly feel uncomfortable for the reason that they do not understand Polish, which, contrary to the rules, many speak.

“Within the walls of the studio, everyone speaks English during general meetings. All corporate correspondence and public announcements are in English, this is an obligatory moment. The usual procedure is to always speak English if there is a person next to you who may not understand your language “, – explains Badovsky.

Other provisions of the discussed article Bloomberg the leader CD Projekt RED did not comment. Many users found this point controversial – from the outside it may seem as if the studio agrees with all the rest of the criticism and statements from the material.

Himself Jason Schreier somewhat surprised at the answers Adam Badovsky against the background of trying to contact CD Projekt RED in order to organize a full-fledged interview, but I never received the correct answer. The journalist also added that he somewhat regrets that he raised the issue “language barriers“in the office of Polish developers, since this problem, in his opinion, is far from the most significant.

Release Cyberpunk 2077 took place December 10 last year on almost all current platforms. Now the team CD Projekt RED focuses all his energies in order to bring the project to its proper state.

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