Cursed Bambi

This is especially true when we talk about pure entertainment, that is, all those products that just want to have fun and spend time with their target audience.


Video games make no difference and indeed, more than any other media, their use requires the prior acceptance of what we will ideally make happen by playing.Not that it is necessary to know the whole game to desire it,


is clear, but we still need to know that it will be based on a certain moral system and that it will not violate certain pacts not written with the user.


This necessary introduction serves to understand why many people do not have problems making massacres of human beings, while they have more than one problem to accept the existence of hunting simulators like theHunter:


Call of the Wild, the more realistic they appear: a part of the massacre is culturally connoted so as to be harmonized with the values ​​of those who play, and then is projected on a purely fictitious plane that affects us relatively, while on the other we have the reconstruction of a real activity, ie that produces effects tangible. In conclusion,

theHunter: Call of the Wild is a good hunting simulator, plagued by a few too many bugs


The long introduction serves to clarify the intrinsic difficulty in reviewing a similar simulator for someone who does not necessarily accept the underlying values. It seemed right to specify it so as not to incur misunderstandings of any kind.

Cursed Bambi
Some landscapes take your breath away

That said, we wear the hunter’s suit, we take up the rifle and enter one of the two hunting reserves offered by theHunter: Call of the Wild. Do you think that together they form an open world of more than one hundred and thirty square kilometers to beat palm to palm in search of traces and, above all, prey to kill.


The landscape, powered by the Apex engine of Avalanche Studios (those of the Just Cause), offers extensive forests dominated by rocky reliefs, which are reflected in small and uncontaminated freshwater ponds.


We almost want to continue the review by imitating the accent of a Wyoming lumberjack, but being written would not make sense. Just know that hunting aside,

exploring the reserves you are to admire the truly superb landscapes.In particular, the first reserve, which we will visit in the middle of autumn, has beautiful colors, as you can see by looking at some of the images we have captured for the article. But banning sentimentality, also because we are not romantic poets: it is time to have Bambi reunited with her mother.

To do so, it is not enough to go around and hope that we get ahead of each other, also because we would escape without too many compliments, but we must learn to recognize and follow their tracks, avoiding making too much noise or putting ourselves in a position to get our smell carried by the wind. 


Once the prey has been identified, you can highlight it using the scope supplied or the rifle sight, so that you can see it for a few seconds, then you can shoot. Of each prey a trophy must be recovered, which gives experience points and money (once brought to one of the outposts scattered around the maps).


The more we are good at aiming, the more the prizes obtained will be rich. For example, a blow to the head, which kills the animal on the spot, is worth more than a series of bodies to the body.

If you want there are alternatives to traditional hunting. For example, you can spend some money to build staging points (they are fixed on the maps) and use the lures to attract potential prey to our area, or you can use different types of weapons (revolvers, shotguns and so on). away) to change approach.


There are several tools to help us explore reserves well. In addition to the classic compass, the most practical is a phablet that we always carry with us on which the nearest points of interest are indicated. Very important are also the panoramic points, that is the structures usually placed in high points that give us the overview of an entire area, showing the icons on the general map (a bit ‘to Assassin’s Creed).