Sell ​​souls to the devil
The Cuphead plot is minimalist and comes in the introductory phase and during the transitions between the three worlds that make up the adventure. The protagonist finds himself in a sort of casino and he is forced to repay a debt to the Devil, having to contract with the souls of the bosses who have the job of defeating. Only after you have made them all you can go to the next areas, organized as if they were mini-maps to move freely.
You can talk to some NPCs, find shortcuts and choose the order that you want to deal with levels, some of which are structured as horizontal platform platforms. There is a pair for each world, they offer a good variation to the gaming structure and push the user to collect all the coins inside, so that they can spend it in the shop to buy pots or new ways of fire.
The feeling is that the levels in question are just an addition after completing what is indisputably the heart of the game, almost like responding to anyone who had launched a small cry of alarm when they realized that Cuphead it could have been a headline focused on boss fight alone.
There is no disorganization in the map, be it clear, but a greater number of such levels would undoubtedly give greater thickness and wider breathing to the work, which focuses too much on the most successful parts and prefers to give a content to those who he asked loudly for variety.
All in all, however, the structure does not hurt so much to give the best of itself to be able to hurt the best products offered in the store will not only prove to be a “complete” brand, but the best choice to deal with more arrows at your own boss the fearsome bosses.
In addition to the three default waist points (up to four with the special boost), you will have infinite bullets recharging enhanced strokes as the attacks are pointing, or you can facilitate this process through the so-called parry, which in Cuphead consists of jump over all the pink items that appear on screen. When the strengthened strikes will be five, or at most, you will be able to relieve the enemy of your “super” enemy.
Another one bites the dust
Cuphead ‘s gambling system flagship, the heart of the title and damnation of the users, is represented by well-crafted boss battles and an excellent curve of difficulty, which remains well above modern standards. Bosses have, on average, three to five stages and have multiple attacks that can force you to change strategy within the same game. In the more advanced and complex confrontations you must use the mid-air sprint, move constantly and get into the perspective that dealing with battles with an overly basic approach will mean dying on a continuous basis.
Learning motion patterns is certainly necessary, but it should be stressed that certain attacks do not exactly match the fixed patterns that you can memorize, so I will need to choose two different fire modes, a super-effective, the passive ability you feel best and arm yourself with so much patience and determination. For this reason, speaking of an estimate of the duration of play would be misleading, because it is a somewhat subjective one.
Also in the hands of a user of divine abilities and lightning reflexes, the game does not last for less than five hours, and we assure you that a media player will almost double to see the final.
In addition to Cuphead , you can decide whether to deal with boss battles, easy or normal, but you will not be able to access the last area if you have chosen the easiest way : you can advance to the third world but to get the contracts, he asks to kill them all sweating the proverbial seven shirts, without making any discounts.