Do Dontnod be able to convince the players that now is the time to remember the pale blood-suckers?

What can we think of vampires who have appeared in video games lately? In truth, very little. Although over decades, many bloodsuckers occupied the place of honor in the known video games, only a few of them managed to become the important heroes in modern games.

Drop Gabriel Belmont from the Castlevania, as well as less typical examples like Vamp from Metal Gear Solid, Valvatoreza of Disgaea or vampire “disease” from Skyrim, and it turns out that almost nobody left to satisfy the thirst in such heroes.



Game called «Vampyr» offers to play for the military service, veteran Jonathan Reid and takes us to London in 1918. World came to an end, before the Second World still remains a lot of time, and the population of the capital massively suffer from the Spanish flu.

Winding streets are dark and gloomy, due to poor health and sanitation conditions disease spreads instantly, and eventually the whole town tries to allocate money and find homes for the affected residents.

Chaos and instability lead to violence, and violence – to more pain and suffering. In such circumstances, and there is a lot of potential victims of vampires.

Creators of Life Is Strange revealed its new game about vampires

Victorian London.

Hang tags on Vampyr piece of cake, but try to somehow limit their number – not very. Here and action in the battles, and the tree of skills, developing in the process of pumping, and plot solutions to their consequences, and the choice in the dialogue, and the setting, which promises to be historically significant, as well as the protagonist, which you want to make the right decisions, provided that the drink his blood is vital – in other words, a lot of things that need to absorb and digest. If we make a list of only providing opportunities, no doubt, Vampyr will be the most ambitious project on which Dontnod ever worked.

To combine all the elements into one – a task that does not abandon the idea of ​​Reed. He did not choose to become a vampire: it was against his will, during the event, which the creators of the game so far do not want to spread. Thus, especially when you consider that in the past he had fought for their country, it becomes clear that the killing for food repugnant to his nature. So how to overcome this ethical issue, given the fact that you decide who and how many are not lucky citizens become victims?

Creators of Life Is Strange revealed its new game about vampires

The situation is complicated by the pumping system (allows you to learn new ways of persuading people, as well as attacks), driving to the assembly points to engage in bloody sucking. In all likelihood, it will be possible to complete the game without killing anyone, but you just will insinuate how complicated your chosen path.

It is possible that this path will be the best choice: it all depends on your moral compass. Since your actions have a significant impact on the story, or London will slide deeper into chaos, or revive – it all depends on you. You may want to the whole city was plunged into despair, but maybe not.

Here is a short example of this: during the demo Reid tried to better understand the poor people living in the Whitechapel district. Trying to figure out what you can eat, without attracting much attention, you stumble upon the angry man who was recently attacked by the soldiers who fought in France. The resulting information helps to know, and where to find the aggressor, and that to this man the local population is not particularly friendly.

Creators of Life Is Strange revealed its new game about vampires

The streets are dark and dangerous.

Thus, the target is detected, a skill called “hypnosis”, allows you to control the movement of each of London’s “weakling”. In practice, this means that you do not need to deal with the victims: it is enough to overtake them in a dark corner and eat in the privacy of their blood. However, even if there are no witnesses of these crimes, the death of the victim learns the general public, and this, in turn, will affect the situation in a particular area.

The manifestations of this can be seen in local newspapers, which reported that the body was found and the cause of death has not been established; such notes excite even more people and immerse them in the abyss of fear. Especially someone’s death strikes the mother of the man; their stories and later committed actions can once and forever change the plot. Matter how well developed are these characters will depend Vampyr scenario is the versatility that we can expect from Dontnod.

Not particularly impressive seem fights. It will, however, be unfair to somehow blame them today, given that the release is scheduled for 2017 minutes, but now it is difficult to understand what exactly the usual mechanics of a melee, based on the use of different skills, the ability of stakeholders. Action from the third person view so common that each representative of the genre must either be perfect or to offer something unique and new. At the moment, it seems that the Vampyr is not capable either the one or the other.

Exploring space called Dontnod «semi-open world”, you may encounter people hunting vampires, vampires and the inferior, which must either avoid or kill. We’ve seen the impression that the combo battles are combined with the previously open skills such as “Jump”, in fact, giving the ability to quickly cover a large distance or catch enemies off guard. Also, “Jump” is useful in the case of projections or walls, which would otherwise not be overcome.

Creators of Life Is Strange revealed its new game about vampires

battles now seem convincing enough, and besides, does not explain who these “defective” vamiry and why they do need, in addition, to be your victims. Considering how much your actions affect the residents of London, it seems strange that nobody in the end and not remembers vampire roaming the streets. How can all be printed in a newspaper article about a mysterious death, when the nights around shastayut such beings?