Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The choice to show three levels, all belonging to Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, it was by no means casual: the variety of settings offered by this last chapter is certainly one of its most peculiar aspects. Numerically, stage 15, 21, and 22 allowed us to compare the medieval, the modern and the futuristic environments into a first canonical chapter to demonstrate the structural fidelity of level-design, a second in riding on the historic motorcycle to make us feel like the old-school feeling of the game, and ultimately a catapult temporally in the future to demonstrate the technical potential of a graphic engine in step with the times.
On the loyalty side, you will have to deal with a game, indeed three, in all and deliberately mirroring the original ones. The design of the levels will be the same, and so the movements of the bandicoot, always faithful to the times of action and reaction of a 90s platform. To give you an example of the many tips available, the second jump is possible only after a few moments from the first and every press of the button next to this time will be completely useless, leaving the modern player, son of the contemporary platform, the hook.
The exploits, then, will be the same as twenty years ago, with shortcuts and tweaks reproduced the same as they were originally, so as to make the border between memories and remake more lenient. By suffragating this, in the Double Header level, the walls at the corridors of the corridor have been deliberately accessible, so whoever wants to use them can exploit them to simplify speed-runs in the time-trial mode.
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Everything has a price
If we want to analyze the very slight structural evolution we can only refer to the level on the motorcycle, Orange Asphalt. As in the original, we will be part of a return to cardiopalm, tackling the roughness of the ground, the blocks of police vehicles, jumping between various ramps and taking advantage of the turbocharged on the track. We all remember how to control the medium and being able to make the most of the game elements to get to victory was anything but easy.
This time, however, by simplifying the control system and reducing the slowdown impact of the collisions, we have come up with a pad response that has brought us straight to twenty years ago, but also a reduction in the difficulty it has made the first place is far easier,
We must admit that gambling, apart from some physiological death due to the non-millimeter yield of controls and hitboxs, did not offer a particular challenge in ending any of the proposed levels; but to be honest, not even the level of difficulty of the originals was particularly high.
Additionally, there is a dynamic adaptation of the difficulty, now available in all three chapters (not only in the second and third), which offers the possibility for all players to receive a breakthrough the various stages, between a mask Aku Aku and the other, if you go to an excessive number of consecutive deaths.

In this sense, despite the deliberately old-school tastes, perhaps not immediate to the modern public, the game seemed easy enough to be enjoyable even for younger players who have not been able to know the original adventures of the Bandicoot.
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
A very colorful crash
With regard to the technical sector, the game is based on completely modern bases and boasts a gaming engine that is in line with the times, although for the type of production needs we will not find a photo-realistic impact on the screen.
The bright effects and good detail of the assets thus create a colorful and clean image that can carry 4: 3 children’s memories immediately on our home screen; even taking advantage of the 4k resolution if you own a Playstation 4 Pro.
The music then resumes the overall trend of the entire production, bringing well-known melodies and songs into a renewed quality, leaving the player in a state of humming the jingles here and there time has not yet erased from its memory.