“Corsairs 4: Black Mark” was shown in the first gameplay and terrified the players

Developers of the game “Corsairs: Black Mark” (Corsairs: black spot) showed a new video about the creation of the expected project, which has been under development for many years. Not all players and fans of the pirate series “Corsairs” liked what they saw.

According to Gamebomb.ru, developers from the studio Black Sun Game Publishing posted on YouTube a fresh teaser from the pre-alpha game Corsairs: Black Mark, which the team has been working on for a long time. The authors noted that the game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4, and the new video does not reflect the final quality of the graphics or any other parameters of the Corsairs 4 project, since all aspects will still be improved. The video showed the gameplay of the game with the boarding of the ship and the subsequent battle on the deck. However, what the developers showed was not appreciated by all gamers, but because the new video received approximately the same number of likes and dislikes from almost 50 thousand viewers.

Viewers did not appreciate the new video Corsairs: Black Spot, and they had a lot of questions for the developers. So, some took the game “Corsairs: Black Mark” for a simple arcade game with QTE and console management. Others even doubted that the authors showed the gameplay, and not the usual production video with an interface and button icons. A lot of viewers were simply horrified by how bad and crooked the Corsairs 4 look, even considering the early version of the project. Many fans agreed that the game does not closely resemble the previous games in the series, and is much inferior to them.

The authors themselves describe the project Corsairs: Black Spot as a huge RPG for one player with an open world of pirates, a well-developed plot, an emphasis on research and historical realism. In “Corsairs: Black Mark” there will be the possibility of building your own ship of different classes, with further deep customization.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the initial release of Corsairs: The Black Label was scheduled for 2023, but it is unlikely that the game will really be released this year. The developers have launched a new fundraising campaign to complete the game Corsairs: Black Spot, and are hoping to attract millions of rubles. The release of the game is being prepared on PC, Xbox One and PS4.