Coronavirus turned out to be stronger: Legendary TV presenter and “Shrek” star Larry King dies

Legendary American TV personality Larry King died at the age of 88 in Los Angeles. This was reported by the official representatives of the journalist in Twitter

In early January 2023, King was hospitalized with a coronavirus infection. The situation was aggravated by diabetes and other health problems, including three heart attacks and lung cancer.

Larry King is famous for the iconic talk talk show Larry king livewhich was broadcast on CNN in 1985-2010. Project included in Guinness book of records as “the longest running show with a permanent host”.

In recent years, the TV presenter hosted a talk show Larry king nowwhich was broadcast on Hulu, Russia Today and other channels.

King personified the reference image of a TV presenter who went beyond journalism. He has also been parodied several times in film and television.

King himself also took part in the filming of films, TV series and cartoons. The most famous cameos leading in “Ghostbusters“and”Dictator“, the role of the bee version of himself in”Bee Movie: The Honey Plot“as well as the image of a masculine half-sister Cinderella by name Doris from the franchise “Shrek“.