Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim

For her, we delved into the colorful world of Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, hoping to find an adventure of action and platform


s like those of yesteryear, those we enjoyed so much in the nineties. But it is precisely the memory we keep of so many good classics, the nostalgia that ma


kes us look lost in the past, the worst judge that could face this video game that is not even remotely at the height of the legacy it seeks to rescue. And that happens to him invoice.


Inspired by reference works such as the great The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker , which takes among others the idea of navigating a vast ocean in search of adventure, it soon takes the work of Overflow Games to show its limitations. There are good ideas and a lot of ambition after him, but no matter how hard he tries, he can not get rid of the halo of medio


crity with which he welcomes us. And it is not that we speak per se of a terrible videogame … although it is not good either. It entertains and in some way possesses the charm of the titles that it seeks to honor, but it stands out in practically nothing; and if it does, it is not exactly for the good.



A sea of ​​adventures … anodyne

Starring a young Viking who does not like adventures, or combat, or really anything that resembles the archetype of one of these warriors of antiquity, are many buts and few virtues that treasures Cornerstone. From its nefarious audio-visual section, goi

ng through the simplicity of its combat system, the little originality of its missions, or how bad the control works during the platforming sequences, it is difficult to find the positive point to this video game that somehow , always ends up disappointing.


Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim analysis

Weapons are broken with extreme ease. There will be times when you are sold in front of enemies, with nothing to beat them with.

It thrills you with the idea of making your own weapons and other tools with which to overcome the obstacles that you will find on your way … and suddenly you discover that it is a totally untapped option; that it has no real use other than to hinder prog


ress in the adventure, because what it allows us to do, which is not much, could perfectly have been resorted to the inventorylifelong. It is not the case. Here you collect materials of four different types, combine them, and create axes, swords, shields,


torches, improvised parachutes and other gadgets of the style that you do not accumulate, but carry over yourself until they break. What is not badly thought. Pity that it is such a limited option, because it gives you no alternative to create your own gadgets, to design your weapons freely.


So are the challenges pos


ed by the adventure. The puzzles and other challenges facing Cornerstone are, for the most part, extremely simple. Move boxes, light torches, activate levers, stack objects to reach elevated areas … there is nothing here that goes out of the ordinary; it is so anodyne, so poor at all levels, that neither nostalgia nor the longing to enjoy an adventu


re of these characteristics can help to improve the sensations. As we said, in the end it takes its toll, because it generates expectations that it never fulfills.


Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim PC

It is clear that the intentions are good, but in general the game is disappointing

If you look at the combats , these are ridiculously poor. You hit and block, that’s it. There is no emotion, there is no grace in these contests. It does not matter if it’s against low enemies or against more powerful rivals. And it is not serious. The proble

m is that you have to deal with certain control problems , which are also transferred to the phases of plataformeo that do not work in any of th
e ways. The hero reacts late to our orders, does not move freely and others, does not even try; it stays blocked, the block animations disappear with a shield, or it gets stuck in elements of the environment without that much can be done to escape from that “death trap”. Do you think little?


Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim PC

Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim


That you can go to the sea in search of adventure is great, because there are eight large islands very different from each other with their own challenges, but it is still a mere mirage that does not camouflage the many defects of the game. It’s fine, i


t has its point, but it sails, and never better said, over mediocre waters. Although it can get to entertain, and the nostalgic touch helps that in some moments you overlook some failures, these are so many that in the end you end exhausted by fighti


ng against wind and tide. No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to find the courage to reach the end of the adventure.


Less when we talk about a video game with such a poor argument , without a hint of originality or grace in what counts. Take the her


o’s own starting point as an example. He does not like adventures or action, he wants to stay in his native island looking for mushrooms, resting … and suddenly he embarks on a journey into the unknown! Thus, as the one who does not want the thin


g, with a justification less than ridiculous. And history does not improve with the passage of adventure. Neither the puzzles, nor the design


of dungeons, nor anything in general. Without being terrible, as we said, Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim can not be described as a good videogame either. The ideas are there, you can see the ambition to give it life (it has merit because it is born of only two people), but it is not enough.