I watched commercials Mafia III in full confidence that the game should turn out good.Perhaps not the most beautiful and not very original, but you just look at these characters ride on the streets of this city, listen to this amazing selection of music! I thought that people with taste and understanding of the essence of the product required to do the right thing.

I and a similar example was – Wolfenstein: The New Order, which many of the trailers took over postrelushka weak, although there was also a style and ears savory shooter peeping. But in the end all hope for a new “Mafia” shattered: Hangar 13 put a Herculean effort to it was the worst game in the trilogy and one of the major disappointments of 2016.

Review Mafia III

Lincoln Clay returned from Vietnam and plans to start a new life, but he can only dream of peace: the adoptive father in problems with ethnic criminal groups, the Italian mafia throws a fat job for. Dashing sort out the profitable little business, Glue and all his relatives receive a reward for his head in the pool (or a knife in the stomach – as anyone lucky). This injustice on the part of Marcano family, which controls the pretty town of New Bordeaux, could not touch a single survivor of the bloodbath. Lincoln contacts his old friend – a CIA officer John Donovan – and plans to use it to cut out all the key people Marcano. Literally. At the root.

Тут-то и кроется главная, фундаментальная и потрясающая своей очевидностью проблема: Линкольн не хочет просто убить Сэла Маркано. Ему даже недостаточно зарезать его сына Джорджи, которого он, вроде как, считал своим другом. Братьями и седьмой водой на киселе Клей также ограничиваться не желает. Ему нужно буквально разорвать бандисткую сеть, опутавшую город, сломать ноги этому колоссу, до смерти напугать Сэла, который с завидной регулярностью будет получать один удар по своей империи за другим.

Review Mafia III

simple math. To our hero calmed down and went for Marcano, he must capture the nine districts, each with a local chieftain sits. Usually, it has two “deputy” engaged in what some things: one, for example, manages prostitution, the other manages the production of drugs. As long as you do not deal with them (most better recruit – good for business!), Their boss, and can not remember. Thought it all? Ha! Before riffraff also not so easy to reach: to lure her, you need to kill her guard, to catch a couple is not entirely voluntary informants and smash or rob several “trade” points. In other words, to get to the cream of the criminal world, you need to “delete” a map of the city a few dozen (a hundred?) Tasks icons, simultaneously destroying almost a couple of thousands of ordinary bandyuganov. If not more.

Scale of the work is difficult to understand in the beginning, but the curtain of the tragedy of the lost time, he is amazing. After all, it (was) not just “grind areas” – it is absolutely mandatory, uncontested and depressingly monotonous grind gadsky bloody areas.

And then it does not really matter where the event takes place: at the port or in the prestigious quarter, because of the situation in 95% of cases are identical. Games help prompts: to lure the local chapter of pornography, we need to put more damage by 99 thousand 500 dollars. With a heavy heart we sit in a nearby car and rush to the brothel pimps peel, break mount some valuable boxes, scare and kill them prostitutes, perverts customers.

Review Mafia III

Same with personal tasks friends. Rather, even “friends”. All – a dull chain of identical orders. Vito asked someone to sew, Cassandra constantly need trucks to another edge of the map, and each time Burke wants to get three vehicles of the same model and color. By the way, if you use the services of automatic hints, then the machines for the Irishman probably also have to go through the whole New Bordeaux.