Corey Barlog confirms that Christianity is an integral part of the God of War world

Immediately after the announcement God of war In 2018, fans wondered which pantheon of gods Kratos would meet next. The famous godslayer, who almost completely destroyed the entire Greek divine structure, could go to the Roman gods, after whom the planets are named, or engage in a “study” of Egyptian mythology. As a result, Kratos, trying to live the rest of his days in peace and tranquility, went north, where he met Scandinavian creatures with whom he did not work out, as they say.

But what about Christianity? If Greek and Norwegian mythologies coexist in the fictional universe of God of War, then why can’t the followers of Jesus Christ be there? One of the users of Twitter asked this question to the game’s game director, and he suddenly received an answer.

Corey Barlog confirmed that Christianity is indeed an integral part of the God of War world, although this does not mean that we will soon see the confrontation between Kratos and Jesus.

In fact, Barlog’s response is unlikely to come as a surprise to those who closely monitor the activities of the developers. Firstly, the numerous clues they left in God of War directly indicate the presence in the universe of gods from many beliefs, religions and mythologies. Moreover, at the beginning of 2018, Barlog hinted that the team was exploring ways to include Christianity in the second part of God of War.

However, if this “introduction” ever happens, Kratos will not mercilessly destroy all significant biblical figures. Rather, the developers will present their own views on events such as the construction of Noah’s Ark, the meeting of Moses with the Red Sea, the battle of David and Goliath, and others.

God of War was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 in April 2018.

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