Corey Barlog asked Nintendo to release a new part of Golden Sun

Development manager God of war, Corey barlog, through Twitter turned to the company Nintendo asking to release a new part of the role-playing game Golden sun, which he admits is his favorite series. He attached logos of various series of the company to the post.

“Dear Nintendo. My body is ready for the modern version of Golden Sun, built on the still smoldering ashes of each of these franchises. Franchises, which I really love, but not as much as Golden Sun. In conclusion … you have my sword , my bow and my ax. Hug, Corey: 3 “, – written by Corey Barlog.

The latest game in the series is Golden Sun: Dark Dawnreleased in 2010 on Nintendo DS. Fans have long wanted to see a new part of the role series, which was lost on the background of the developer’s sports games – Camelot Software Planning.

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