Conan Exiles – a very interesting game. First of all the fact that it is unclear exactly what the screenshots of it can be laid out in such a way so you do not come under investigation for distributing pornography. It is clear that the progressive Western society views lazily swaying manhood does not cause any problems (female sexual organ, however, strategically covered scalp). Still, it seems to me that at least some part of humanity is not yet ready to see what see any player in Conan Exiles in the beginning.

Impressions of Conan Exiles: Like it?  Touch!
Funcom said that the game looks like.

Generator characters appearance at Funcom succeeded. However, it seems to me, a rare player spends time messing with all those sliders. In any case, now before the game is still raw. The beta test – it is the perfect time for pampering. That is why, I believe, choose a hero male most concerned with penis size (so as not to lose face, controlled by real people the characters running around with dildos, like everyone else, to the knee), fans play a female character – the size of the bust.

Since the developers have paid too much attention to exploring the intimate details of the models of both sexes, I really had decided that they play some very important role. According to my idea, huge personal belongings (or chest) should deter competitors of your floor and engage the enemy of the opposite sex.

Impressions of Conan Exiles: Like it?  Touch!
But I saw her like this.

Creating a lady with an impressive bust, I quickly became convinced that aggressive men controlled AI rare mizoginisty with which to agree, well, there is somehow something to barter obviously did not. But on a public server, similar to the heroine has caused a small sensation. Otherwise languid cries speaking players in voice chat ( “Heeelooou, leeedi! Heloooou!”) I can not be described.

However, up to this point still have to get there. The first step after the launch of Conan Exiles I went in a single game. By creating a character, I found myself in the ruins on the outskirts of some of the desert. From nearby bushes able to extract material for sewing shirts and pants, picked up a stone and stick together in good hatchet. But my busty blonde too carried away by the gathering, forgetting that in this world you need to survive . And die of thirst.

Impressions of Conan Exiles: Like it?  Touch!

Death – it’s not so scary. Of course, you emptied his pockets, throw a hero in the edge of the card and leave it just a bare bottom, but the whole experience and the ability to stay with him. Experience here dripping even for what you have lived one more second in this inhospitable world. Each level increases the basic parameters (the game, however, does not explain how many times the hero with the strength of one stronger than the hero with the power of 2), and learn a new production scheme.

So. Spit on sticks and stones: water is more important to us! His legs, in the guise of the “Eve before the expulsion from paradise” rush to where, probably, there is water. The good news is the presence of vegetation and the truth shows that there is a lake nearby. The bad news is that all the wild beasts, and NPC understand this. Here, indeed, it was my acquaintance with the locals. This bitterness I saw not very long ago: the natives kicked the corpse of my fugitive, even after her death, which, of course, gives rise to a number of questions about their friendly, all-male company.

Impressions of Conan Exiles: Like it?  Touch!

I do not remember how long it took, but I still made it to the water. Each time after death does not have to run around in the desert, you need to arrange a place to stay overnight. Creating a kind of camp, I went to explore the surrounding area. First and foremost it is worth noting that most of the animals by default does not pay any attention to the players. My mistake was that I attacked too strong monster. And the monsters are very vindictive.