Conan Exiles

Also in the Funcom title there are all those dynamics that are now arcinote to enthusiasts of the genre: collection of objects, crafting, building, fighting. Grass, wood, stone and many other objects to be collected will be what will allow you to survive as long as possible, along with the construction of a straw hat as soon as possible, which will act as a respawn point in case of death.

The game is obviously based on survival and Hyboria’s lands are certainly not welcoming. In addition to being brutish and unattractive, the lands to be explored are also populated by creatures of all kinds ready to make our skin, as well as other indigenous and various villagers who will attack us. So dying is frequent, especially at the beginning without arms and


naked, but over time there will be a way to equip ourselves both to survive, but also to defend themselves. Among the various possible activities is also the construction of buildings: a mechanics now consolidated in the sandbox survival that also returns to Conan Exiles .

At the cost of being poor in words and lazy, it must be said that there is nothing too new to point out. If you know, even just to hear, the gameplay of aM


inecraft , ARK , or even a No Man’s Sky at random (spatial trips excluded), you already know what Conan Exiles can offer for you. There are also some basic role-playing elements, represented by the classic set of features to enhance level by level, as well as a series of “recipes” for the equipment to be unlocked manually with the appropriate points. What works, and which could make the title unique in its own way, is the setting. Fun in Fun Fun has worked discreetly to re-propagate the Conan universe in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

. Panoramas are definitely fascinating in their poetic poverty, which is particularly unique in looking at competition in this genre. T


he incipit also works, because the creation of the character starts with a crucifixion, ours. Tied with ropes like salami and clothes of a few rags, the avatar you are going to create was exiled for crimes that you might have committed or not (the prescription to Hyboria does not exist, fortunately) and, released by a young Conan, we will start our adventure.

The game, in fact, can be dealt with as a normal single player. You will create a server, becoming hosts, but you can safely deny access to anyone, playing so in sacred pace. There is also a hint of history in this early access version, which will certainly give a furth


er boost to what otherwise is a lonely progression inevitably boring. It’s hard to advise Conan Exilesin this way. Building an outpost and hunting monsters are activities that become pedantic after relatively little time. The real challenge is


to approach other players who, as they well know, are good at allies or enemies at the same time. There is, however, the ability to enter specific PvE servers so that you can play more relaxed, albeit in the company of other real players, with all the exciting prospects that result. Early and Early Access Funcom has great plans for Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

. During the creation of the character, you can choose your own ethnicity and religion, elements that do not seem to have real meaning for now, but we know that temples will be introduced, through which you will be able to summon divine avatars able to shave the whole city in a few minutes.

For the rest, there is still much to do. The combat system, which should be the focal point of the game, is still extremely deficient. The AI ​​of the adversary suffers from typical problems that have hasty productions, or in this case incomplete. In the specific case, either the enemies are able to locate the player at kilometer distances, or ignore it, or a mix of things. I also happened to see some dangerous beasts disappear from the air, with the result that they were annihilated in a few seconds.

Graphically, the game gives the idea of ​​being able to give some beautiful feelings. The glimpse into panoramas is there, but it lacks much detail in detail. The graphics engine is also very heavy and yet to be finished, but again this is a problem with an incomplete game. The problem is that Conan Exiles is paid, and not even relatively small, so it is difficult for me to advise you on lightweight purchasing.

The server management is unknown, for now exquisitely old school. Looking at the table with active servers, the trend for now is to have dozens and dozens of servers with four or five people inside, as they can be opened and closed in freedom. It would be desirable for Funcom to devote itself to the opening and active management of the same, in the hope that the Norwegian software house has the means to do so.