Comes out faster than you think: An insider told you when to wait for Resident Evil 8

Forum moderator Resetetknown to guests under the nickname Dusk golem, shared new information about the upcoming Resident evil 8. According to him, the appearance of the continuation of the famous horror series worth the wait in the period from January to March of the following year.

An insider noted that it was originally planned to release the game in January, but the situation with the pandemic could make its own adjustments.

All in all, says Dusk Golem, the eighth very similar on Resident Evil 7, however, the new product will include several improvements and fresh gameplay mechanics.

Earlier it was reported that Resident Evil VIII will receive the subtitle Village, so that Capcom could play the serial number of the project and emphasize the main place of the game.

Ethan Winters will return to the game as a protagonist, and Chris Redfield will appear in flashbacks. Users will find a European setting, snow-covered locations and a new gameplay element – hallucinations.

Dusk Golem once again confirmed that the action in Resident Evil 8 will be conducted in the first person, unlike Silent Hill, which, according to him, is being developed by Sony Japan Studio.

Hello! What about SH? You don’t know, this will be a game with a first or third person view?

From the third.

According to rumors, Resident Evil 8 will be a crossgenic project and is currently being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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