Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 4: The Cain Killer

Each episode of Cognition has a deeply revealing title . If we start with The Hangmanwhere a hung man was placed in the center of the plot; We followed with ” The Wise Monkey ” where the victims appeared as the three famous monkeys of Jingoro ; or the third episode called


” The Oracle ” where we discovered the divinatory powers of a character, we can not ignore where the shots will go in this ending chapter called ” The Cain Killer “, assuming that yes, we all know what Cain messed with his brother according to the bible . Because this chapter is the outcome of the whole exciting season.

The Cognition script was developed with the powerful idea of ​​mixing paranormal powers with something as serious and unfortunately real as the investigation of serial murders. But that idea was created as a good television series, with the intention that they were


closed chapters , but with a main plot that continued to enrich episode after episode. That main plot had to close at the end of this season, and so it does, getting during this last chapter really interesting moments despite having some weaknesses; but it also begins to take shape how the next season will be, where it is expected that the paranormal phenomenon will have more incidence if possible.

In the den of the wolf
In the lair of the wolf

The Cain Killer follows the game system of the previous episodes, as an adventure point and click of a lifetime but with those characteristic features that we liked so much in the previous episodes. That possibility to dive into the past that Erica has, both in people and objects, or to reconstruct memories to find out what happened and follow the model that appeared in 


The Oracle when, for the first time in the series, we could change characterhow was Cordelia’s case? In this chapter we will also have to do it on more than one occasion, playing as a team with Cordelia to solve puzzles, but, and here is one of the weak points of this outcome, there is a certain sense of precipitation in many of the scenes, as if it were necessary To be too direct, when in reality it is not. 

But the script is well written and we will discover little by little the origin and answer to many questions we asked ourselves during the previous episodes. There is an epic moment, that accompanied by the always accurate music of Austin Hayes gives you goose bumps .

It’s about Rose’s memories in Vietnam, when we discover step by step what happened to him. The certain thing is that to be a chapter of denouement it is too short, what accentuates the sensation that we commented of precipitation; There are very few locations, and while at The Oracle that was not a problem, here it seems that everything is done to tell the story with very little participation on our part.

We will have to recompose memories to continue our investigation.

Am I the custodian of my brother? 

At the end of the third episode we discovered who was the figure that was behind everything that happened , so the outcome is limited to capture. This means that the investigation has been parked to the detriment of a chapter more


directed to the action and with few “adventurous” elements . However, the story of the brothers is powerful, getting that we are hooked to our screens waiting to know that outcome, that with details of the type “ nothing is what it seems ” is really good. The Cain Killer has a lot of transition, perhaps of metamorphosis, of preparation for something much more important and profound in a second season.

We refer to the appearance of new playable elements that did not exist in previous episodes and that have a clear objective in the future of the development of characters and their emotions. Phoenix Online Studios offers us from the beginning the possibility of choosing different options to questions and actions in the style of ” The Walking Dead “,


revealing its origins in Telltale Games , but by the very nature and length of the episode, our choices do not seem to have the impact that they


should, limited to choosing the correct option or repeating until doing it. But we know the creative power of Cesar Bittar and Katie Hallahan and we are convinced that this is the first stone to take your adventures to a higher level in the second season, or in new challenges.