Close to the Sun, tried the new horror of Lantern’s authors

We are at the beginning of the 1900s and we are in a very large ocean-level boat.

We know little about our story and our nature, if not that we are looking for our sister, long gone: the name of the girl we are in charge of is Rose Archer and the sister we are looking for is Ada, working on something special about that ship fights in the middle of the sea.

Clearly we’ve been launched in Close to the Sun already in medias res, as it’s right in an experience that has a quick impact on the player: a quick explanation of the controls and the way.

The atmosphere is very dense and the information we are given to sobs does not help to make the experience more quiet and peaceful: but that’s fine,it is precisely the point to convey the right pathos for living Rose’s anxiety.

The cabins surrounding our passage, through the dark and dirty ship’s corridors, tell us about the disturbing details, all of them with a strong base but not only: close to the doors we have also noticed some really well-made details aside of the development team, such as a dead body blocked on the threshold of an automatic door and with the door of the latter, which continued to slam against the arm, which prevented the closure.

We open the door of a bathroom and find another corpse, with something in the hand that resembles the results of a search: we go ahead and we find more and more destruction, disasters and questions about what is happening on this ship that seems to have ended up in the hands of a corporation called Wardenclyff. We can do nothing but search, read, understand and process, because inClose to the Sun we will not have weapons, nor will we have to fight.

Although exploration can continue to be linked to the Italian Bioshock, it is to be said that only the setting and the smell of water allow us to approach the two titles so strongly: for the the rest of the gameplay is diametrically opposite, because, as we said, here we are not shooting. Save your sister, save the world

Close to the Sun, tried the new horror of Lantern's authors

Our only salvation, apart from trying to figure out how to get out of this ship as soon as possible, is to get away as soon as possible from our enemies.

We have come to see a game over, in the hands of those who preceded us, just because in escaping from this inhuman and transparent figure, with only visible red eyes, timing was not the best. In addition this is a horror game, but far from Friday 13thand all those horror scenes in which fear comes, as Disney taught in Bambi, not to see: here it’s all under our eyes and the only great fear is the fact that we do not know that we can not find a solution .

Storm’s Tearup horror game, however, is not just about to escape, otherwise it would become all-monotonous, but it will allow us and will also face various environmental puzzles: recently a title that has called us to deal with situations of genre was Get Even  released by Bandai Namco, which besides giving us a very anxious environment also forced us to solve puzzles for which we had to explore the whole structure within which we were.

In Close to the Sunthe mechanism is the same, that nothing can be expected from an environmental enigma: to open a door, you must always activate the right device, use the exact combination, and so on. All of this is clearly enriched by the excellent graphic quality, which is also the daughter of a team that in the aesthetic aspect has poured a lot of effort (see Lantern or BLACK): In addition to being entrusted with a motion capture card for any movement of the characters in the game