Clever Nemesis, updated sound and playable Carlos are new parts of the resident Evil 3 remake from OPM UK

In a fresh British room Official Playstation Magazine an article was published with new details of the upcoming remake Resident evil 3. Despite the fact that the magazine will be released only at the beginning of next week, the scanned pages of the publication have already appeared on the network. Look for the main parts from bulk material (7 pages!) Below.

  • The game world will undergo significant changes. This is still the linear Raccoon City, but this time there will be more places to explore with all these lanes and shops that you can enter. However, the authors confirmed that the Stagla gas station, hospital, and downtown Press Office will remain in place.
  • Slime mutan worms will return as enemies. Whether they crawl further than the hospital is not specified.
  • But it is safe to say that in the game it will be possible to control Carlos. His role is kept secret, but he did not just hit the cover of the game. The hero is destined for an “interesting section” of the game.

  • The producer of the game, Peter Fabiano, calls it nothing more than “adaptation.” According to him, the developers tried not only to preserve the original story and characters, but also to betray them a more modern look, as if the game was created today.
  • Nemesis will use an improved version of AI designed for Tyrant from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Unlike the latter, which scared its appearance in the manner of Alien from Alien: Isolation, but did not scour the corridors of the police station, Nemesis will be unstoppable. He will “freely walk around the city to bleed you.”
  • In addition to the gameplay and graphics, the developers improved the sound, as they consider it an integral part of the game.

“We took the sound component of RE2 and made some adjustments to it,” the sound designers say.

  • You rely heavily on sound when exploring a city like Raccoon City. The dangers awaiting Jill around the corner must be foreseen. In particular, the sound can determine the location of the Nemesis.
  • The graphic component has also been revised. Fabiano talks about an updated lighting system that makes shadows from RE2 more vibrant. Given that the focus in the new game has shifted to action, it has become lighter and the heroes no longer roam in the dark in search of ammunition. The art design was made in such a way that the colors conveyed “a period of life in the 90s”.

  • The main antagonist was created using photogrammetry. Nemesis was scanned to its full height and transferred to the virtual world, thereby betraying the monster a more realistic look. Then, motion capture technology was launched, which “revived” him and ordinary zombies. The latter, the producer reminded, there will be much more in the remake than in the original game, and they will differ from each other more than before.
  • As for the “Mercenaries” mode (separate chapters with a time limit, access to which is opened after the completion of the main game), then it will not be in the remake. The replacement is Resistance mode with asynchronous multiplayer.
  • The tyrant will be one of Daniel’s minions in Resident Evil: Resistance. The presence of Nemesis has not yet been confirmed.

The Resident Evil 3 remake will go on sale for PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, 2023. Earlier, Peter Fabiano said that the game will not contain alternative endings.

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