Civilization VI

In short, here you need to take over the world. But your methods – with fire and sword, culture, landing on Mars or the preaching of God’s word – has nuances that are largely dependent on the choice of the nation.

For example, the Greeks are strong in politics, Russia, Arabia and Spain are firm in their faith, the Romans to raise much of the city and to pave the road, while France takes if not culture, then espionage.

Everyone will find here accommodation for your trip so that in fifteen – twenty hours of dense development of the cards you have will be their favorites. However, the parties choice of conflict – only the first in a series of interesting decisions, making, according to Sida Meyera (Sid Meier), the play by play.

Another important choice concerns the development of cities, where you can now turn in a radius of three cells from the center (not the same one Endless Legend tearing applause).

And here, this part of the gameplay turned out much more comprehensive than in the creation of the studio the Amplitude .

To search for fat places of the capital and planning stages of construction added another concern – marking areas, without which it is not erect special buildings. That is, the library and the University can stick only to the campus, workshops and factories – in the industrial zone, the market with the bank are not created without the shopping district, and the barracks – without the military camp.

The cities themselves are defenseless without walls, but with them, but still well placed to camp, they are transformed into a fortress, to storm which is hardly easier thanV Civilization . In the middle of construction sites under the areas would be half the battle, if a single cell does not require miracles to their whims, one will only have a river or a mountain, under a different bursting, but find desert. Throw aqueducts, farms, pastures, mines, oil rigs – and get a city simulator within the global strategy.

Moreover, to areas more tied and espionage. Spy or steal technology in a hostile campus, or preparing a diversion in the industrial area or cranks bank robbery – do all at once does not work. In fact, the mechanics felt fresh and makes it clear that the right-grown city – the key to success in the game.

Civilization 6 review

St. Petersburg healthy person – the Colosseum, the gardens of Babylon and spy on campus.

In addition to buildings, citizens need food, living space and entertainment. However, to keep up with the three indicators is not easier than to throw the ring into Mount Doom. On the other hand, the developers have provided a separate happiness for each municipality – to the point that the residents, for example, experiencing the ecstasy of St. Petersburg, and Tver torn riots squads and insurgent hussars harness plantation. If this flame will glance barbarians, who now go on two-three companies, then to disentangle the effects of the rebellion have long. At least one worker here does not get off.

After all, the workaholic in Civilization VIa limited number of actions – usually three, but can grow up to five or six. But the task they are performing at once, so there is no need to calculate the moves to the end of the contract. Another blow to the fans of finely control the slave system does lay out roads. We are accustomed to think, by some hex to put the primer to make it easier to fight? Forget. The sixth part of only one way to connect the points A and B – to equip the caravan, running between them. So that no loops are now under the wily fort to the enemy border and around the mountain.