Civilization Beyond Earth: Rising Tide

In the middle of the decade of cultural development that imbibes “spielgberiano” ,  “georgelucastiano” and many other things finished in “-ano” that once grabbed the attention of impressionable children , now adults but rooted to the maxim of “any past time was always better” “, the science fiction genre is having a revival. 

After evolving almost from the stone age, the successful franchise of Sid Meier Civilization decided to turn and mediates its context to momentarily


remove the Roman numeration and take off directly into outer space. That’s how our world landed Beyond Earth, a spin-off very successful that knew how to take advantage of the well-known turn-based gameplay and focus on a new theme that until then few companies had dared to try for fear of perishing before the giant of Blizzard .

This new branch of Civilization immediately caught the attention of the most staunch supporters but, despite being a solid product, lacked many options known in previous titles. The world needed to expand, to house new alternatives and characteristics.

Will Firaxis Games and 2K Games have achieved it with the Rising Tide expansion? 

por_el_agua.jpg Screenshot

The saga Civilization usually completely change the gaming experience with each new expansion and this one that comes to us today, although in response to the previous question really brings new things and increases the possibilities already known, does not make Beyond Earth is transformed into a game new , although it will catch the unwary in the subject with a new learning curve.

If there is something that was missing in the base game, it was the possibility of creating floating settlements , v


enturing to get natural resources hidden underwater, attacking alien life forms or even other factions comfortably from a privileged maritime position. In the previous version our fleets seemed to suffer from uncontrolled hydrophobia, now with the new


water vehicles we can move unceremoniously across the vast sea , the light infantry troops arriving at the shore will enter a boat to cross the stretches and disembark in any other area. Something that increases even more the playable possibilities and grants new options in the turnswithout breaking the immersion at all times consonant with the environments.

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Sets of dynamic diplomatic features are activated in different ways in response to changes in the world. Fear and Respect will be the new ones to add to those already known: if you acquire great military power other factions will come to fear you and respect your positions, but this can also play against you creating conspiracies that can lead you to have attacks that you do not expect. Be careful when you try to create a state of terror your back will thank you.

Now players can assign traits to certain aspects of their society, such as politics, internal infrastructure and military power. Each feature will specialize your society , guarantee unique advantages and open new ways to conquer new civilizations. It is also possible to advance in several branches at the same time, managing not to focus our game style on only one point. Everything necessary to become the masters of the new world.

The exploration acquires a different meaning with the Ruins, the artifacts and their combination rewarding the player with unique improvements such as strengthening the defenses and offensive capacity of the cities.

Factions are added 4 more, with settings based on different cultures of our real world. Al Falah with his sponsor Arshia Kishk, the North Sea Alliance with Duncan Hughes, Chungsu with Hang Joe Moon and finally INTEGR with Lena Ebner. Each with its different benefits that will make a difference from the start of the game and will adjust to your style as a player.