Battle Royale in Court: Epic Games Crashes in Hearing Against Apple

A new hearing was held in the case between the companies Epic Games and Appletriggered by a conflict of interest in the monetization of the popular battle royale Fortnite

Company Tim Sweeneythat violated the platform rules App Store, counted on a partial relaxation of retaliation from Apple and return Fortnite back to the digital store, but inthe place of this lawyers Epic Games met an extremely skeptical mood on the part of the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers

From Rogers’ perspective, it was not so much the argumentation that was criticized. Epic Gameshow much her malicious actions in the form of a gross violation of a previously concluded contract. The judge noted that the developers Fortnite perfectly aware of their actions.

“There are definitely people in society who are ready to call you heroes, only the actions you have taken are still dishonorable,” the judge said.

In response, the lawyer Epic Games noted that action Epic were dictated by an unwillingness to continue to follow a contract drawn up at the expense of fair competition. Therefore, going to court is the only possible step.

“When you oppose one of the largest companies in the world, you need to hit the places that will entail a backlash. Folding your hands and giving up is not an option. We very seriously planned how we will proceed,” – defended the attorney for Epic Games …

Not convinced by judge and argument Epic that the implementation of the internal micropayment system App Store at Fortnite represents a “stand-alone product“, forcibly distributed with content created by developers. The judge believes that the monetization mechanism Apple hardly match the voiced characteristic

Judge Rogers later questioned the assertion that after being removed Fortnite of App Store millions of users iOS all over the world have completely lost access to their favorite game. FROMUdya is sure that even in such conditions the players have a lot of choice – the project can be played on a huge number of other popular devices and systems

In turn, the rhetoric about “closenessApple was met with a counterargument based on the business models of other market players, including platform holders, such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

“Closed platforms have existed for decades. Nintendo has a closed platform. Sony has a closed platform. Microsoft has a closed platform. Apple’s position does not stand out in any way. It is very difficult to ignore the economic realities of the industry, and this is what you ask me about,” the judge voiced her position Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers.

Apple’s lawyers have temporarily taken a defensive position, urging the court to carefully assess what is happening. Lawyers “Apple“the parties consider that Tim Sweeney tries to set an example for other companies and developers, to motivate them to be willing to cheat, violate previous agreements and use all sorts of tricks in order to avoid preliminary checks of their content before publication in digital stores. Apple convinced that if Epic now to give relief, it will be a green signal for the industry, which could “entail devastating consequences.”

Anyway, return Fortnite back to App Store until the end of this year seems extremely unlikely. Most likely, the litigation will drag on for many more months, and based on the work plans of Judge Rogers, the final decision can only be made by July 2022

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